Friday, February 14, 2014

Life Lately

 One year ago I would have never imagined my days would look like this.  I look through these pictures and still can't believe I get to be home with my babies.  We seriously have so much fun.  There are definitely days where I honestly hide in my closet with a bag of candy and hope they don't find me for a bit because I just need a breather (and some chocolate).  Really, I do this.  BUT most of the time we giggle and play and get together with friends and it's just wonderful. 

These two crack me up.  When one wants to play the other doesn't and then 20 minutes later they switch roles.  When the both decide to play together they have a blast though!

Avery is doing really well with quiet time.  She's been fighting naps for a while now but I've been leery of letting her  go without because I really need a little quiet time myself.  Thankfully I can usually get an hour or so if I come up with crafts and games for her to do.  It always makes her day when Eli wants to stay in her room with her. 

This little guy went through a really (NOT) fun phase of getting up at 7:00 or before for a few weeks. It wasn't fun but we did enjoy some extra snuggle time with him!

A couple weeks ago Matt took Asher down to his parents' for a day and Avery and I had the best time together! We went to the movies, shopped, made cookies and had a sleepover! 

In twenty years these are the moments I want to remember... we made paper plate crowns, had a dance party in my room and made silly faces in the mirror.  

They are obsessed with riding the carousel at the mall! 

Sad, sad time for my Broncos but it was a good ride while it lasted!

Cowgirl birthday party fun for Kennedy and Konnor's birthdays! 

Sweet little angel said she wasn't tired at all but she'd try really hard to nap if I let her sleep in our bed :) 

Pajama day at SonShine Club! I can't believe the school year is winding down... It's been a great experience and I just love each of my little kiddos! 

These two play and fight like sisters.  I hope Avery always has a friend that she considers a sister. 

A quick little Valentines Day photo shoot before church... 

I couldn't possibly love their sweet faces more.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pre-Christmas Catch-up in February

Well, I completely forgot I had these pictures on our camera and didn't want to loose them forever so here's a quick December 2013 recap in February 2014 :)

This has been the coldest winter we've had in Texas since moving here almost five years ago. 

Decmeber started out with frigid temps, snow, ice and a huge power outage. 

I woke up around 5:00 to a chilly house with no power.  Realizing that it most likely wouldn't be back on anytime soon, I woke Matt and asked him to start a fire.  We made some coffee (thank goodness for a gas stove and my french press!) turned the couch around to face the fireplace and snuggled until the kids woke up around 7:00.  It was probably the most peaceful time we've had in our marriage since the kids were born! I wish the power would go out more often!

Once the were up, fed, and dressed we went outside to play.  I'm embarrassed to say that my kids have the typical mismatched Texas snow clothes and nothing that fits and is waterproof! Oh well, they had fun anyway.

Poor Asher, we bundled him up as best we could, he was less than impressed.

The cold weather continued through the month and we had quite a few PJ picnics in the living room because it was just to cold to do much else.

I decided to brave a trip to the mall (by myself) to ride the carousel and see Santa.  We really had a blast, they loved the carousel so much, it's become of of our favorite cold day activities!

Visiting Santa went surprisingly well.  Because it was another super cold day the mall was pretty much empty and we walked right up and were able to sit with him for a while.  We read a book and Avery told Santa what she wanted for Christmas. 

When we got home they had a mini snowball fight :) Such a fun day!!!