Monday, March 25, 2013


These two munchkins spend the majority of their time together fighting over toys but on a rare occasion they play happily and have the best time...  Those rare moments make my heart burst, and I just want to bottle them up and never forget how sweet they are.

They both love Avery's castle and we spend time playing in it almost every day.  It is where we hide from the monsters :)  And yes, I do mean we... Avery insists that I join them so that the big monsters don't get me...

She had a bowl of popcorn and after Asher successfully stole a few pieces she wised up and hid the bowl outside the window.  Smart girl protects her food like her life depends on it :)  (she definitely has Nelson blood running through her)

They also LOVE this wagon.  It's supposed to be a baby wagon for Avery to pull her dolls in but they love taking turns pushing each other in it.

 Obviously Asher isn't the best "pusher" and Avery finds her rides rather boring. Ha!

She's always happy to pull him around the yard though :) 

And the award for the most fought-over toy goes to... Avery's car.  She still loves playing in it and Asher is currently obsessed with it.  He climbs in and out over and over again. 

And of course they always include sweet Cash.  He is more than happy (usually) to play along, as long as someone is petting him.  

Obviously a Labrador isn't warm enough in his fur coat and needs to stay warm under the blanket. 

Yep, I'm cherishing these sweet moments :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happiness Is...

Seeing this sweet face staring up at me

Watching him learn new things

Keeping the princess safe from her crazy brother and the monsters in the kitchen
Goofy faces playing peek-a-boo

Learning to stand and taking baby steps

Smooshed up noses 

Playtime at the end of the day, waiting for daddy to come home 

Bedtime stories with daddy.

I really, really, love my new job ;)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blog Sale - Clothes Link Up

Today I'm linking up with Lamberts Lately to sell some of our gently used clothes.  The link to the sale is listed below.

Thanks for stopping by! All items include shipping but please let me know if you want to purchase more than one item, I will try to give you a deal on shipping if possible!

Boy Clothes:

Gap onesie 3-6 months ECUC $4.50

Polo Romper 9 months GUC $8.00

Circo rompers GUC 3 months $5.00 for both 

Carters 3 month sleepers. EGUC. $8 for both 

Koala kids romper 3-6 months $6

 Koala kids romper 3-6 months $6

Smockadot Kids shorts 12 months, NWT $10 - Perfect for a monogram! 

 Polo Romper 3 months GUC $8.00

Children's Place Ruffled Seersucker dress - beautiful for Easter with a cardigan! EGUC $10  SOLD

Freckles and Kitty New Without Tags dress. 3T. SO cute but I ordered it from Zulily and it was too small. Fits more like a 2T  $13

Rare Editions Gingham Sun Dress.  Perfect for summer! EGUC. 3T. $12

Gap Summer Dress. 2T. EGUC. $10 

 Rosalina Smocked Dress. 2T (runs big). Like new - only worn twice. $15

Gap Swimsuit. Like new. 3T. $6 

Boutique Swimsuit (from Zulily). Size 5 but is the same size as the Gap 3T listed above.  Never worn, too small. $8. Adorable suit, I'm so sad it didn't fit. :( SOLD

Thanks for looking, please let me know if you have any questions! 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Today Was The Day

Today was the day I've been waiting for for three years. 
The day I, at times, thought would never come.
The day I started my new "job". 

The day I cleaned up a blowout diaper, asked Avery if she was listening about 100 times, made chocolate chip cookies, went for a walk, and thanked God for this amazing gift. 

No, it wasn't perfect but it is a million times more rewarding than any job I've had before.  I know we'll have our ups and downs, our good days and our bad.  But I will take a bad day at home over the best day away anytime.

Asher took a couple steps today.  Avery told me I was her best friend.  We painted, read books and made memories.  For that, I am truly thankful. For all the little moments that make a childhood.  For the teachable moments and the ones that just make you laugh (or cringe). 

Daddy was able to have lunch with us and read to Avery before nap time!

Avery and I made chocolate cookies.  I am terrible at baking but these are amazing! A friend of mine sent me her recipe and they are the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever made.  

Two of Asher's favorite toys.. his basketball and his walker


Yes, it was a great day.  Not a perfect day, but I couldn't imagine anything better :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Asher James {11 Months}

Asher, you are getting so big!! I look at you and can’t believe how much you've grown and changed in the past few months.  You are standing up on your own and it’s still so funny to see you just standing in the middle of the room.  You have no interest in walking but I can’t blame you because, boy, you can move!! You are such a fast crawler! You “talk” to us all the time and say momma and dada. You got four new teeth in the past month, all on top.  You now have six teeth total but still refuse to eat anything that isn't pureed.  You are definitely a climber!! I am terrified for your toddler years ;). You are always trying to climb from the couch on to the end table and last night you succeeded and stood up on the table (with daddy’s hand on your back, of course). You squealed and screamed like you had just conquered the world.  You are fascinated with Cash’s water bowl and food (much like your sister was at this age) and it’s a challenge to keep you out of it. You love to “wrestle” and are super ticklish!  

You are wearing all 12-18 or 18 month clothes and are in a size four diaper now

You take one nap a day, sometimes 30 minutes, and sometimes 2 hours.  We just never know.

Because you refuse to eat anything but purred baby food you still drink 5-6 7 oz. bottles a day.  I’m not sure what we’re going to do next month because I was planning to stop buying formula and transition you to whole milk but I don’t want you to starve!  Please start eating soon!

You sleep for about 12 hours 7:30 – 7:30 at night

You love to clap your hands, especially when you're eating

You are fascinated with the dishwasher and love to climb in it whenever it is open

You are such a sweet and funny little boy.  Your daddy and I are always laughing at the funny facial expressions you make... you are so animated!

Happy 11 months sweet Asher bug.  I can't wait to start staying home with you next week and soaking in all your slobbery kisses and sweet hugs.  We love you little man!!