Monday, November 11, 2013

18 Months {Asher James}

Asher James,

Little boy, you are ALL boy.  As in crazy energy, super loud, and very messy. You are also hilarious and full of personality.  Some days when you have smeared spaghetti in your hair, screamed as loud as possible (just to hear how loud you can be), run through the house a dozen times as fast as you can, and practiced throwing every ball we own 100 times, I can't help but laugh.  You are certainly not timid or scared to try new things.  And even though you cry like your life is over every time you fall, you get right back up and try again to climb whatever it was you just fell off of.  Your absolute favorite thing to do is throw (or kick) balls.  You have a huge obsession.  Anywhere we go you scream A BA! whenever you spot something round.  It could be a light bulb, an ornament, or an actual ball but if it's round, you want it.  Bad.

You love your big sister and probably say AVY! a thousand times a day.  Of course, she makes you screaming mad when you don't get your way but when she's willing to play it is the highlight of your day.

You are definitely tall like daddy. You wear 2T (and some 3T) clothing.  At your 18 month check up you are:
26 lbs (83%)
36.4 inches (100%)

You are a picky eater and don't have time in your busy day to to sit and eat.  You were throwing tantrums when I tried to put you in the highchair so I moved you to a booster seat at the table.  You do okay if it's dinner time and everyone else is sitting with you but normally you do not like being restrained and required to sit still while you eat.  This has resulted in you eating much less than a few months ago.  You still love your "bobble" and I'm pretty sure you get half of your daily calories from milk. (you go through nearly a whole gallon, alone, each week.) You would much rather have a bottle than sit down and eat.

You are my little Houdini and managed to climb out of your crib last week.  This is a whole other post but lets just say you, little man, are in no way ready for the freedom of a toddler bed. So we've made "adjustments" to the crib and thankfully, for the time being, I think we have you contained again. 

You are a talker! I'm constantly amazed by how much you have to say. You walk around saying "Iwanmabobble" all day.  You have too many words for me to list here but here are a few of your favorites:

side (outside)
cacacker (cracker)
nack (snack)
ol me (hold me)
mimi (blanket)
Arper (Harper) You say her name at night when you're lying in bed... I'm pretty sure she's your first crush :)

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Avery has been looking forward to Halloween and wearing her mermaid costume for weeks.  We love our tradition of trick-or-treating with the Brimberrys the Saturday before Halloween.

I think this is about the best picture I got of my little mermaid and firefighter.  Asher does not like Avery holding his hand.

I have to throw in a comparison picture from last year!
Sweet little BFFs. I can't believe how grown up they look.

This guy was all ready to go.  He acted like he'd been doing it for years.  Running, trying to keep up with the big kids. Walking right up to the doors and not wanting me to hold his hand.

Of course, he was more than willing to let his sweet Zoey hold his hand though. Sigh.

Love this lady! I'm pretty sure we have the best neighbors ever.

He quickly figured out what was hiding in all those pumpkins.

The day of Halloween our preschool had a costume day so the kids got to wear their costumes to school :).

That night I took Avery trick-or-treating with some friends.  Asher and Matt stayed home and it was nice and relaxing just having my girl and not chasing Asher around!

Can I please just have one???