Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sitting Up!

While we were in Colorado Avery was practicing sitting up using the "tripod" method.  She just couldn't get it though.  Her arms would bend or she'd tip over to the left or right.  We tried and tried but it just wasn't happening.  She's getting pretty good at sitting in the boppy pillow, it gives her just enough support.

No problem, she's not even 5 months yet.  Honestly, I'm not ready for her to do these big girl things yet anyway!! 

Well, tonight we were sitting in her room playing and I sat her up.  She sat there for 10 seconds!! I thought it was a fluke but we tried it again.  This time she seemed to understand what she was doing because she looked up at me and gave me the biggest smile!! My little girl was so proud of herself!! Seeing that look on her face just melted my heart!!  

Monday, September 27, 2010

Wedding Bells

My little sister is getting married!!!!   I am so excited for Stefanie and Brian, they are such an adorable couple and madly in love.  Brian proposed to Stefanie Friday afternoon above Horsetooth Reservoir.  He had a picnic dinner for her and made the day just perfect. 

About two weeks ago, my mom called me with exciting news, she said Brian called my dad and asked if they could get together for dinner that week and asked him not to tell the girls.  Well... Dad may have mentioned it to my mom who immediately called me!! I have to admit that selfishly, I hoped maybe he would propose while I was home but it was a passing thought and I didn't expect it to actually happen!! So Friday night when my sister came running into my parents backyard with a big grin on her face I thought she was just happy to see us until she placed her left hand in front of my face and said "look what I got".  Needless to say both started screaming and hugging. 

They both were smiling all night and couldn't take their eyes off of each other (or her beautiful ring)!!

They came back down on Saturday and we celebrated their engagement with a delicious dinner.  Sunday afternoon we went wedding dress shopping.  A few of Stefanie's good friends met us in Westminster and we spent the afternoon ohhing and ahhing over all the beautiful dresses.  Stef is going to be such a beautiful bride!! I can't wait to help her plan her wedding. 

Congratulations to the future Mrs. Stefanie Creencia!!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Our little monkey is crazy about bananas!!!

After showing no interest in cereal, I thought we'd try something with a little flavor.  The pediatrician said we could start baby purees as long as we stick to the five day rule - only introduce one food every five days.  So, when Avery didn't seem to like the cereal I did some research about the best first foods to introduce.  I kept coming up with the same two recommendations bananas and avocados.  Both have great nutritional benefits and when mashed up are a very easy consistency for babies. 

I absolutely love avocados.  In my opinion they are one of the greatest foods on earth and delicious in any mexican dish, sandwich, salad or just sliced with salt.  So I was very excited to have Avery try her first avocado.  Well, she was less than enthused.  In fact she gagged on it.   So we waited a few days and switched over to bananas.  Success!! She can't get enough of them.  I literally can't get her next bite in her mouth quick enough!  I can't decide what will be next on her menu... carrots or sweet potatoes.  Any suggestions??

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Girly Girl

I just love having a little girl.  I love the bows, I love the dresses and I love the itty bitty little shoes!! 

I know she may not always want to wear dresses and be girly, she may end up being a tomboy which is perfectly fine but for now, I just love dressing her up!!

On another note, her new favorite thing to do is stand.  When I try to sit her down she straightens out her legs so that she can't really sit.  I stand her up and she gets so excited!! I can't believe how big she looks in these pictures, she is growing up so fast!! She can only hold her weight for about 20 seconds before her knees give in but each day she's able to hold herself up a little longer. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Four Months

Has it really been four months since we brought you home from the hospital??? Hard to believe.  The months are just flying by.  We went in for your four month check up three days ago and you are 14 lb 12 oz (75th percentile) and 26 inches (90th percentile).  Pumpkin, I think you might be tall like daddy!!

You are still sleeping great, usually 10-11 hours a night and taking three naps during the day.  You are so curious now, you love sitting in your bumbo chair and watching us cook, clean, eat dinner.  You love watching Cash too.  You're still not sure what to think when he licks your toes but I know someday you two will be best friends.

We went to Colorado last week, it was so much fun! You did great on the plane and were such a trooper driving up to the cabin.  I think the change in altitude bothered your ears a bit, but nothing a pacifier couldn't solve!!  I was shocked when you took it because about three weeks ago you decided you were too big for pacifiers and haven't wanted anything to do with them since then. 

You are so interested in your hands now.  They are either in your mouth or batting at whatever to happens to be within reach.  You still haven't rolled over but you're definitely trying.  It's just hard to get that melon of a head over!

Your daddy and I are so in love with you, we just love sitting and watching the cute expressions you make and listening to you babble, coo and laugh.

You currently have your first cold.  Thankfully you don't have a fever but your little nose is so stuffed up and you have been coughing and sneezing a ton.  I sure hope it goes away soon, it's no fun to be sick!!

Love you so much angel!


Saturday, September 4, 2010


We went in for Avery's four month check up yesterday and the pediatrician gave us the okay to start baby cereal!! I've been really excited about this milestone, I just love the facial expressions babies make when they start trying food.  We got Avery all set in her bumbo seat, put her bib on and gave it a try. 

She started smacking her lips together and leaning towards the spoon but  her tongue still has the reflex to push out food.  Babies are supposed to begin outgrowing this around four months.  I guess because she was premature the reflex is still very strong.  We really didn't get much cereal in her mouth but it was fun trying!! 

Ok, mom, I'm ready! Let's try this. 

Hmm... not quite what I expected. 

Let me try again, maybe this isn't so bad

That's enough.. time for the bottle. 

We'll try again in a week or so, hopefully it will be more successful!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


We had such a wonderful time in Colorado.  We left Friday morning and I was so nervous for Avery's first flight.  I was worried that her little ears would bother her, that her tummy might be upset or that she just wouldn't want to sit still. Thankfully she was a little angel.  I couldn't have asked her to do any better.  She had a bottle during takeoff and then slept until we landed.  I was one happy mama!!

My mom picked us up and we went home, got Dad and Cody and headed up to the cabin.  Little miss sleepy head fell asleep on the way up there as well, she was such a good baby!!

When we got to the cabin Stefanie and Bryan were already there waiting for us. 

Avery did pretty well sleeping in the pack and play.  She woke up around 5:00 Saturday morning which I kind of expected.  I was going to put her back in the pack and play after her early morning meal but she was in such a happy mood I let her cuddle with me until Aunt Stefanie woke up.  She's such a little cuddle bug!

Saturday afternoon we drove up to the reservoir before heading home.  It was so beautiful and the weather was perfect.  Matt decided that he needed to check out the other side of the lake so he made a "boat" and attempted to paddle across.  

As you can see, he didn't make it very far but Cody was kind enough to lend his support. 

Dad made Matt ride in the back of the truck on the way back to the cabin, Cody was happy to have some company back there for once!

We got back to my parent's house Saturday afternoon and Mom made a delicious dinner for Matt's birthday.  The boys had steak and fried shrimp and us girls had shrimp, scallops and mussels.  So yummy!! My dad was trying to teach Avery how to grill the perfect steak.


The weather was perfect, it was so nice to be out of the Texas heat.  My parent's backyard is so beautiful, we sat out there for hours just talking and enjoying having the whole family together. 

Sunday afternoon we had a bbq so that my family and friends could meet Avery.  It was wonderful to see everyone.  I wish I could have had more time to talk with everyone  but I'm so glad we had such a good turnout!

Avery mimicking Sara :)

 Thanks mom, dad, stef and brian!! It was so good to see you.  See you in three weeks!!!