Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Three Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

 Because they're only little once..

We do crazy things like jumping on the bed with the 70 lb. dog.  The smiles and giggles made it all worth it :)

Book Worm

Asher bug is rarely out of sight.  He is still basically attached to me (which can be frustrating at times but usually I don't mind!). But once in awhile the house is quiet and I realize no one is pulling on my shirt or saying 'mommy' twenty times in a row.

When this (rarely) happens I usually find him with a stack of books.  All day long we read books. We look at pictures and name animals.

I found him in Avery's bed the other night.  He was all tucked in and had a dozen or so books spread out. 

Today it was the couch in the playroom.  He'd been sitting there for awhile with his favorite animal picture book. 

My little boy NEVER sits still so I love the peaceful time we have together looking at books.

Christmas 2013

I loved my list-style Christmas post from last year so here we go again...

1. We drove through the night again this year.  It's brutal for Matt and me but at least the kids get some rest and aren't crying :)

2. The highlight of our trip was meeting this precious girl.  We are all so in love and couldn't get enough time with her! We love you Emilia!

3. Avery decorated her first gingerbread house with Grandma and Ruffy. 

She took her job very seriously.

The (almost) finished product.
4. This guy had SO MUCH FUN!  He loved all the attention, playing on the stairs, and playing outside. 
5. Monday morning we woke up to snow! This was Asher's first time playing. He was a little uncertain at first and his gloves kept coming off but he loved it!

6. We went to see Frozen! Such a cute movie, I loved it! Asher was less than impressed. I'm glad we waited to take Avery so she could go with Grandma :)

7. We loved spending time at Stef and Brian's! It's so nice that my parents live close to them now.

8. Christmas Eve! All ready for church service and then off to my Grandparents' house!

Our annual family picture in front of the tree.  One year I will get a good one of all four of us :)

9. I let Avery shop for a gift for Asher and Matt this year and it is definitely a tradition we will keep! I took her to a store where everything was $5 or less and let her choose anything she wanted for them.  We talked about thinking about what things they like (not what she likes) and she did a greatjob! She picked out cars for Asher.  I gave her money and she paid the clerk and even helped wrap the present.  She loved watching Asher and Daddy open her gifts to  them!

(Matt also took her to pick out a present for me.  One of my gifts was a card that said Merry Chistmas, Daddy.  I couldn't help but laugh but it was the sweetest thing ever.  She also picked out candy and a candle for me!)

10. I hope one day these two will have a special bond :)

11.  Setting out cookies for Santa went MUCH better this year.  No tears at all! She picked out some of her favorites and was so excited to see that he ate them all!

12. Merry Christmas!!

13. The day after Christmas was a picture-perfect Colorado day and we took full advantage of the beautiful weather. Shopping and ice skating at Centerra was the perfect way to end the week.