Thursday, June 28, 2012

All about Asher

I can't believe my sweet little boy will be three months old next week!!  He's been a busy guy the last few weeks with his first plane ride, his first cold and discovering his hands!  He's usually exhausted in the evenings and goes to bed around 7:00. Once in a while he’s up after Avery goes to bed and I love having the one-on-one time with him.  There is nothing sweeter than a clean baby after a bath. 

He’s starting to get better about sitting in his swing.  Little man is a bit spoiled and thinks he needs to be held whenever he’s awake.  Honestly, I really don’t mind because I know that soon enough he will be as busy as his big sister and won’t want to be held anymore.  I’m really cherishing the baby stage this time.  One thing I regretted with Avery was that I felt like I didn’t hold her enough when she was little.  I was so “busy” trying to keep the house up or make dinner and she didn’t mind sitting in the swing or bouncer. Anyway, I digress.  I just love cuddling with my little guy and will never complain about him wanting to be held (a lot).

He is getting so strong and can hold his head up so high during tummy time! He makes such silly faces while lying on his tummy. 

Little man found his hands last week.  Cracks me up.  He holds them like a little boxer while he inspects each hand and tries to gain control of them.  

Tough guy J

Staring contest with the giraffe.  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Life Lately

I’m in my third week of being back at work and I feel like I’m finally starting to get adjusted.  It’s been a very difficult transition and I wish I was still at home with my babies but we’re making it work.  Avery and Asher are both going to a home daycare and Matt takes them and picks them up most days. In some ways I feel like the days are flying by but Friday can never come soon enough. Thankfully things have been pretty calm at work.  I cherish our weekends so much, I just wish they would last a little longer. 

We really haven’t been out much or done anything exciting since I’ve been back at work, I really just want to soak up every minute I can with my little family.  Also, Asher still (usually) wants a bottle every two hours which makes it hard to get out.  We’ve been having fun at home though; Avery loves her pool and has had fun playing with our neighbors.

She still loves being a mommy to her babies and tries to imitate the things she sees me doing with Asher
Baby Emma needs a clean diaper every once in a while and her babies usually have to join Asher during tummy time.  Have I mentioned that I love this age?? ;) 

We are really trying to work on potty-training.  I really think she is ready and we could probably make a lot of progress if I could devote enough time to it.  But between taking care of Asher and daycare it’s a challenge to have the consistency she needs.  Last weekend she spent a lot of time in just her underwear because every time she wets her diaper she wants to go to the potty and then have a clean diaper on.  This means I went through about 5 diapers in three hours.  So, I figured we’d try it without and after making a mess on the floor one time she started telling me before she went and we made it to the potty three times.  YAY!! I’m so proud of her! 
Asher is such a happy baby.  He loves to smile and will “flirt” with just about anyone that looks at him for more than 2 seconds.  He smiles so big that I keep thinking he’s going to laugh.  He’s been doing really well sleeping in his crib and only gets up once a night.  He’s getting stronger and holds his head up pretty well.


Matt’s mom stayed with us last weekend so Matt and I took advantage of a free babysitter and went out to the movies.  We realized that we hadn’t been to the movies together since before Avery was born.  Way too long!! It was nice to spend some time just the two of us and Matt’s mom even got up with Asher at 4:00 so we were able to get a full night’s rest!
In some ways having two has been a challenge but overall it hasn’t been as hard as I expected.  Asher is usually pretty content (as long as his tummy is full and he’s being held) and Avery has been really good with him. This sling is a lifesaver, I use it almost every evening!

It is definitely hard to get them both ready to leave the house and I’m having a hard time feeling like I have time to give them both the attention they need but I’m so glad we decided to have them be close in age.  This is the stage of life we’re in an I feel like it would have been much harder to go back to diapers changes and mid-night feedings if we’d “moved on” from that stage.  I love being a family of four and I love having a little boy more than I ever thought I would.  It’s funny; I always wanted a little girl.  I knew I would love having a daughter but I never really thought about having a son until I got pregnant with Asher.  I felt like he was a boy from the very beginning and I’m so glad God blessed us with a daughter and a son!   

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Little Rammies - Comparison Pictures

I was looking at old pictures of Avery this week and decided I needed to do a few comparison pictures! I've never really thought they looked alike but looking at these pictures they look more similar than I thought.

 Avery is about one month older in her picture but but if I'd waited another month there is no way Asher would have fit in the onesie.  He is so much taller than she was! Hard to believe considering how tall she is now! 
This is one thing that would be fun about having two boys or two girls. I think it would be fun to see pictures of them in the same outfit at the same age but sadly this will be my only chance... I don't think Asher would appreciate wearing Avery's dresses. :) 

I'm guessing that by next month Asher's face will have filled out and he'll have the same chubby cheeks Avery has.  I still can't believe she was ever so small.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Two Months!


You are such a happy baby! You started smiling about a week ago and haven’t stopped.  I think you like to show off your dimples! All we have to do is look at you and get such a huge grin on your face it looks like you are about to laugh! You are starting to coo and talk to us and follow us with your eyes.  I love it that you are interacting more and showing your sweet little personality.  I have a feeling you will take after your daddy… very laid back and positive. 

We haven’t had your 2 month check-up because the doctor is out of town but I’m guessing you will be in the 80-90% for height and average for weight.

- You are wearing 3 month clothes but many of them are getting too short. 
- You are in a size 1 diaper but will probably move up to a 2 very soon
- You are doing better taking a bottle.  You get about 20-25 oz breastmilk and 8-12 oz of formula each day. You love to eat!! 
- You have a bottle every 2-3 hours and typically go to bed around 8:00.  You are not on a schedule at night and sometimes wake up every 3 hours but have gone 8 hours straight, too. We’ll get there J
- You slept in your crib for the first time Saturday night and did great!
- You started daycare last week.  It’s been a hard transition for me but you seem to be doing just fine
- You found “Avery’s fan” and are just as fascinated with it as she was
- You love bath time
- You took your first overnight road trip to Temple and did great!  You slept almost the whole way there and back and loved laying outside while the big kids swam

We are having so much fun getting to know you, Avery loves helping me take care of you and you like it when she talks to you. My heart soars every time you smile; you are such a sweet little guy.  I am so thankful to be a boy mom, you are truly a blessing!

Salsa Recipe

I've been making this salsa recipe for years and have been asked many times to share it so here it is.
Super easy and delicious! You can't go wrong with this recipe, it is so easy to make and I always "guestimate" my ingredients and it turns out perfect each time!

** Update**

I've recently started grilling whole tomatoes (until they are charred black) on the grill and adding them to the mix.  It gives it a delicious fire-roasted taste! It's my new secret ingredient!

1 large (or two regular size) cans of Rotel tomatoes.
1 can Del Monte Tomatoes with Green Pepper and Onions
1 bunch green onions (white and green parts)
handful cilantro
2-3 tomatillas

1 clove garlic
1 jalapeno
1/2 teas. sugar

This recipe varies every time I make it depending on which ingredients I have around the house.

Give the cilantro, tomatillas, green onions, jalapeno and garlic a quick, rough chop

Through everything in a blender or food processor and chop it up.

We love cilantro at my house so I typically add more roughly chopped cilantro and it's done!