Thursday, August 30, 2012

Clothes Sale - Blog Link Up

Thanks for stopping by, I have very gently worn toddler girl clothes and infant boy clothes for sale.  My kids are on the upper end of the growth charts and seem to outgrow clothes super fast so most of this is basically new! If you see something you like, make me an offer, I'm willing to work with you. Prices do not include shipping,

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If you would like to purchase an item, please leave me a comment with your paypal email address and I will send you an invoice.


Freckles and Kitty Boutique Clothing - 3T Pink and Gray Striped Dressed with Polka-dot Tulle.

NWOT - It came this way.  Purchased on Zulily for $28. It is too small for my daughter, runs more like a 2T



Children's Place Seersucker and Ruffles 3T. EUC Condition, only worn 2-3 times. $10 Sold

2T Gymoboree Poodle A-Line dress, NWOT.  $10

2T Gymboree Leopard Print A-Line Dress. GUC. $8 sold

9Month Leopard Print Jacket.  Only worn once, perfect for the holiday season! $15 shipped SOLD

24Month Zebra Print Jacket.  Only worn once, perfect for the holiday season!  $15 shipped SOLD

2T Old Navy Smocked Peasant Dress. $5 SOLD

2T Rosalina Smocked Dress, worn twice  Perfect for Christmas!! $20

6month Hanna Anderson organic cotton PJs.  Nice, thick material, EUC $5 sold

6month Hanna Anderson organic cotton PJs.  Nice, thick material, EUC $5 sold

3Month Ralph Lauren Polo Gently Used. $7

3Month Ralph Lauren Polo worn once. $7 sold

3Month Ralph Lauren Polo worn once. $7 sold

0-3M Old Navy Chevron PJs EUC $5

0-3M Old Navy Striped PJ's EUC $5

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Life Lately & IPhone Pics

1. Avery was sick and had a fever for almost 30 hours straight.  Poorest little girl L  This is what happened when she finally started feeling better… We went shopping and she ran around outside showing off her cute little plumber’s behind…

2. She also told me that she didn’t like the shirt I picked out. For me.  I put on a cute gray shirt and she looks at me and says “mommy, no, I don’t like that one.  You wear a dress now.” REALLY?? I expected her to have an opinion regarding the clothes I dressed her in but not my clothes.

3. Asher thinks it is fun to play at 3:00 am almost every night.  Praise the Lord he sleeps through the night 1-2 times a week but on the other nights we have a “playdate” for an hour or so.  Kid, I love you to pieces but this is not working.

 4. Matt turns the big 3-0 in ONE WEEK!! How did this happen??? He has adamantly insisted that he doesn’t want a party or any big “to-do” but we’re hoping to get away for a weekend in September. 

5. Avery has become quite the little photographer.  She loves taking pictures with my phone. Her favorite subject?  Baby Emma, of course! 

6. Avery LOVES going potty in public restrooms.  Every time we're out she immediately has to “go”.  She loves hearing the toilets flush.  I know, she’s strange.  I guess it’s better than the alternative though!

7. I’m so ready for fall and all things that come with it.  Soups, sweaters, cool days, Halloween, Thanksgiving, my mom, sis and brother-in-law coming to visit, all things pumpkin (pie, candles, bread, etc.), changing leaves.  It is my favorite time of year!

8. We had a adults-only fancy dinner date last Friday.  The food was amazing and the company was wonderful. 

9. I bought cloth diapers for Asher and I love them!  They are so soft and cute and really not a hassle. 

10. Asher loves looking at himself in the mirror.  I guess he can't get enough of his cuteness either. 

Monday, August 20, 2012


We gave Asher rice cereal for the first time last weekend.  He was not a fan.  At.all.

I don't think he swallowed a single bite but the pictures are priceless. 

Before the first bite.  If only he knew what was coming...

 Hmm... not so sure about this.

Nope, definitely not impressed. 

Just to confirm that my children look NOTHING alike, here is Avery trying rice cereal for the first time.  Also priceless. 

Aww... precious memories ;)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dear Asher

We had a little photo shoot Saturday morning because by 6:30 we'd already been up for almost two hours and your daddy was out of town and sister was still sleeping.  You weren't very happy when I laid you down in the cool morning grass but after a few seconds you were smiling again.

I still think you look like your Grandpa Nelson.  Everyone tells me that you look like me but I think they just say that because they don't know your grandpa.

When you're happy, you are so happy!  And when you're not, well, you let us know.  You are very vocal and make me laugh with the cute little sounds you make.

BUT you also make me want to cry when it is 4:00 am and you are up for the second time and refusing to go back to sleep.  We tried to let you 'cry it out'.  You were not impressed and ended up winning that battle.  

You love playing with anything that makes noise and/or will fit in your mouth.

You love to stand and sit, basically anything that allows you to see what is going on around you.

You love watching Cash (which is why you aren't looking at me here) and he loves licking your feet and face.

Sweet precious boy, I love everything about you.   From the top of your head to the bottom of your toes, you are just perfect.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dear Avery

Oh sweet little girl, you make my heart soar.  I cannot tell you how much I love having you for a daughter.  You are everything and more than I could have ever hoped for.  God knew just what he was doing when he wove your precious little personality.

You are growing up so fast and although part of me is sad, there is a much bigger part that loves the independent little girl you are becoming.  We’ve had a lot of firsts in the past month and I wanted you to know how much I’ve enjoyed them. 

First, potty training.  The ONLY reason you are not fully potty-trained is that we haven’t been consistent with it.  From the first day we started trying, you have done awesome!  When I brought home your new princess panties you were so excited to put them on and after getting one pair wet, you stayed dry the rest of the day!  Unfortunately the last month has been a crazy mess as far as consistency is concerned.  You stopped going to daycare almost one month ago and since then you’ve had four different babysitters.  Obviously potty-training took a back seat during the week but on the weekends when we’re home with you, you’re still doing great!  Now if we could get you to do “dirty business” in the potty instead of your underwear L   You started a new daycare yesterday and your teacher asked me if you are potty trained because you were dry almost all day and went on the potty 4 times!  Now that you will be back on a consistent routine I’m hoping we will soon be able to say that you are fully potty-trained! 

Second, toddler bed.  Daddy was home with you and Asher yesterday afternoon and decided it was time to convert your crib into a toddler bed.  Thanks for asking me, daddy J.  Anyway, you love it and thought it was so fun to be able to crawl into bed all by yourself!

When I got home from work, you told me “mommy, go night night!”.  You put a blanket on me, patted my back and sang me “Jesus”.  You then told me shhh, shhh, walked out of the room and closed the door.  I laid there for a few minutes thinking you’d immediately come back in. 

After about two minutes the door sprung open and you proudly announced “mommy, Avery tee-tee!!”  Sure enough, while I was lying in your bed you had gone potty all by yourself!  There was about ¼ roll of TP in the little potty and what was left on the roll looked like a cat had clawed it. I almost died laughing.  We celebrated big time. 

Chatty Chatty! Your vocabulary is exploding and almost every day you say a new word that I didn’t even know you understood! You still always refer to yourself as Avery instead of “me” or “I”.  I think it’s adorable.

You love to boss Cash around.  You get so mad when he doesn’t listen to you, it’s quite humorous.  Last night you were chasing him around the backyard with his soap telling him, “Cash, meer (come here) bath!)”  He loved this little game of chase.  You also tell him to “get out” and “stop barking”. 

You are such a good big sister!  You always want Asher to wake up from his nap so he can play with you.  You love helping with him and he loves watching you. 

I am so thankful to be your mommy.  I love you to pieces little girl!  

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Four Months

My sweet little Asher bug,

I can’t believe how much you’ve changed in four short months.  How quickly I forgot the sleepy newborn who was so content to just lie in my arms and cuddle.  Already you are so interested in everything that is going on around you and want to be constantly entertained.  You LOVE watching your sister play! You have no tolerance for being left alone and want to be held all the time.  It can be a little frustrating while I’m trying to make dinner or change sister’s diaper but I really don’t mind J

You are fascinated with the TV and will strain your neck to get a glimpse of the bright colors.  I guess it really does start early with boys!  You are reaching for everything these days and if you can get it in your hands, it goes straight to your mouth.

You still coo and smile all the time.  You try to laugh but usually nothing comes out.  You are still a hungry little guy and for the most part we’re still doing bottles every two hours during the day.  I’m not sure if you’re having a growth spurt or just got out of your routine but you’ve stopped sleeping through the night.  Not cool, buddy ;)

You are exclusively on formula now and I’m hoping the pediatrician will give us the okay to start rice cereal at your four month checkup.  Hopefully that will keep your belly full a little longer!

You weigh 16 lbs (65th percentile) and are 27 inches tall (95th percentile)

You are wearing 6 or 6-9 month clothes

You wear a size 2 diaper

You usually go to sleep around 8:00 and wake up anytime between 3:00 and 5:00.  Usually you go back to sleep after your mid-night snack

You are doing much better sitting in the bumbo and still love being carried in the sling or Baby Bjorn

You like bath time but don’t enjoy having your hair washed

You usually take 3 naps during the day – ranging from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours

You have 7-8 four-ounce bottles each day.  I think your tummy could hold more at a time but you seem to get bored and often don’t finish the four ounces.

You have rolled over back to tummy numerous times and tummy to back once

It’s funny how different you are from your big sister.  I have a suspicion that you will keep us on our toes! I can’t wait to see how you change and grow this next month!  I feel like four months is a turning point from newborn to baby.  Maybe you’ll learn to sit by yourself for more than a minute or two ;) 

Love you to the moon and back sweet little one!

Monday, August 6, 2012


 I've been meaning to write this for a while as it is something I want to remember when Avery is a sassy teenager.  She is so loving and sweet right now; I’m really loving the “terrible” twos!

I know I’ve mentioned before how much Avery loves her baby dolls.  For some reason I thought it would be a passing interest but when we brought Asher home from the hospital and she started watching me care for Asher she began to mimic these things with her babies I realized her love of all things baby isn’t going away anytime soon (thankfully!). 

She changes their diapers – and often tells me Eww, gross poo-poo!  I find random (clean) diapers and wipes throughout the house on a weekly basis. 

There have been a few times she’s strapped Emma into Asher’s carseat and almost gave me a heart attack as I walked by and caught a glimpse of a little baby all strapped in.  Obviously I would never forget to take Asher out of his carseat (he would protest loudly after a minute or two) but it always makes me do a double take.

I also find them strapped into her highchair, often fully-clad in bibs.  We have to get out forks, spoons and bowls when Emma is ready for a mid-day snack J

Her two newest mommy moments – trying to carry Emma in the Baby Bjorn and rocking her while reading bedtime books.  I wish this phase could last forever.  Okay, maybe not forever but at least another year or so.