Monday, July 5, 2010

Two Months!

Slow down little girl, you're growing up way too fast!! We've had many firsts this month, some good, some not so good but my love grows for you everyday.  You are so different from the preemie we brought home from the hospital two months ago.

The biggest change and most difficult "first" this month was my first day away from you.  I went back to work two weeks ago and you stayed home with Grandmother for a week before starting daycare.  It was so hard to say goodbye that morning, I was such a mess!  I know you were in good hands but I felt really lost without you in my arms all day.  I'm slowly adjusting to the change and you seem to have settled in without any problems.  I'm excited that your buddy Gage will be hanging out with you at daycare in a few months!!!  Speaking of the Erwins, you also had your first babysitter this month.  Daddy and I went out to dinner for our anniversary and you hung out with Kristy for the evening.  She said you did great, thanks for being so cooperative!!

You love tummy time and are so good at holding your head up, you seem to realize there is a whole big world out there, just waiting to be explored!!   You spend an hour or two each day just peacefully looking around, taking it all in.   You are a good little sleeper, every night around nine or ten we put your PJ's on, I lay you down to bed, give you a kiss goodnight, turn on the monitor and walk away.  I keep waiting for the night when you protest but so far you just go right to sleep.  You usually sleep until 3:00 or so, wake up for a mid-night snack and go right back to sleep.  Although I have to admit I'm anxiously awaiting the first time you sleep through the night, I'm very thankful that you are sleeping well. 

Can't wait to see what this next month holds!!


  1. No way, 2 months old already!?!? I am glad that Gage will be at the same daycare as Avery, they will have so much fun together! Can't wait to see her soon, it's been too long! Tatum will get to meet her soon too, 7 days or less and counting! :)

  2. Such a big girl! Glad she is sleeping better!!

  3. They change too quickly! It's sad, but amazing and you'll love every single minute.