Thursday, August 5, 2010

Three Months

Avery, it is so fun to see your little personality begin to develop!! You are constantly experimenting with your voice and making the cutest little noises, I just love them!! Oh, and did I mention your beautiful smile??? In the mornings your daddy gets you out of your crib, yes, you are sleeping in your own room now, and brings you into our room for breakfast.  You are so happy to see us you get the biggest grin on your face.  Then you remember that your hungry and the smiles instantly turn to tears.  But then you're happy to see us again and the smiles are back.  This pattern continues until we feed you. I just love it!!

You are sleeping from about 9:00 - 6:30 which is just wonderful! You are so good at going to sleep in the evenings, you don't even make a peep when I put you to bed!! I am so thankful for this!  You eat 5 ounces 5-6 times a day and you are growing like a little (cute) weed!!  You are 12 whole pounds now, almost double your birth weight!!

Another fun thing you've learned to do recently is follow us with your eyes.  The first time we really noticed you doing this was last weekend at Grandmother and Granddad's house.  You really like your Granddad and couldn't take your eyes off of him!! While we were there you got to swim for the first time.  Ok, swimming might be a bit of an exaggeration but you loved floating around in the water.  

You like holding your rattle, your eyes get so big when you shake it.  You no longer like being held like an infant, you want to be up on our shoulders now so you can see everything.  You're getting really good at holding your head up and look super cute sitting in the bumpo seat. 

This next month should be a blast, we are going to Colorado for the first time to visit all of your crazy relatives!! I'll tell you all about it next month!

Love you little girl!!! Happy three months!

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  1. This was the cutest post! She will love reading these some day. She is doing so much and growing!! I HAVE to see ya'll soon. Brenley misses her friend!