Monday, October 15, 2012

RIP Original Baby Emma

Let me first say I cannot believe I’m writing a blog post about a doll but taking care of baby emma is a huge part of Avery’s life fight now.  She spends probably 75% of her time at home playing with and caring for baby emma.  She feeds her, changes her diaper, rocks her, takes her for walks, reads her books, takes her shopping, etc. I want to always remember how sweet Avery is with her babies and how much she loves caring for them. 

Sunday morning we had a massive storm come through at about 1:00 am.  Since it woke me up I decided to check on my babies, they were both sound asleep but Avery’s room smelled like vomit.  I asked Matt to grab a flashlight and sure enough, at some point she’d thrown up all over her bed.  And all over baby Emma. We woke her and gave her a thorough bath and decided it was time to say goodbye to Emma. 

The next morning before she was even out of bed Avery was asking about baby emma.

Avery: “where baby emma go?”

Me: “emma went bye bye last night.  Do you want to get a new baby emma?”

Avery: “new baby emma?” (repeated about 10 times) I don’t think she really understood the concept…

All morning long she asked, “we get new baby emma now?”  We stayed home in the morning to make sure she was feeling better and then headed out after her nap. 

We got to the doll aisle at the store and she stood there in amazement looking for her new baby emma.  I showed her a few and she would just look at me and say “no, mommy, not baby emma”.  I would give anything to know what was going on in her sweet little toddler head (we’ve never been to the doll aisle at the toy store together) but after a few seconds her wonder turned to sadness and I was sure she wanted the exact same baby emma. No substitutions.  I showed her a few other babies and started to panic.  Of course they don’t have the exact same doll, my mom bought it more than six months ago!  I was certain we were headed for a massive breakdown and lots of tears. Finally we made it to the Cabbage Patch section and I picked up a little blonde baby. Avery took one look at her and I knew we’d found our new baby emma.  Avery’s face lit up and she ran over and hugged the box J  I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so excited.  We barely made it to the car before we had the box open and Avery was holding her and grinning ear to ear. 

Her new baby emma’s name is actually Erika, I told her that was her name and Avery repeated it a few times but then would look at me like I’m the child and say, “Erika. Baby Emma too.” There was no convincing her.  So we now have a new baby emma and a very happy little girl.  

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  1. So cute! I am so glad that story ended happily. :-) My daughter hasn't fallen in love with dolls yet, but with a new baby due in this house in January, I think she might enjoy having her own baby to take care of soon! I put it on her Christmas list and I'll see what her grandmother comes up with. We live in Italy, though, so replacing a baby doll might not be so easy if it gets irreparably damaged in some way!