Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

 Matt says I have a problem... picture-taking obsession.  He might be right...

I have over 100 pictures on my camera from the past month or so and I had no time (or motivation) to do anything with them .  So here is a quick catch up of what we've been up to since Thanksgiving.

We picked out a REAL tree.  Don't let the picture fool you, they really were excited.

PS - this is the last year we will buy a real one. It has been such a hassle and is already dead.  I'm probably going to have to take down the ornaments before we leave for CO :(

Avery kissing our tree.  See, I told you see loved it!

Helping daddy put up Christmas lights.

Yes, they are both wearing shorts.  I think it was in the low 80's that day.  Oh Texas.  

Avery is OBSESSED with Barney.


Somebody finally loves his baby food! 

Just because I think he's cute :) 
 Be still my heart.

One of about 30.  This is the closest we came to success.  

Pulling up everywhere!! This little guy will be walking soon! 

Avery wanted to sit outside but it was cold.  She insisted on blankets for both of them.  She is so thoughtful :) 

See, pulling up everywhere!! 

He finally found the presents! 

Have I mentioned how much I love this precious girl?

Matt and I finally celebrated our 30th birthdays (better late than never!) Dinner and a night at the Omni! It was perfect and much needed!

Love this man more than he'll ever know. 

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  1. I think I have the same problem..picture taking obsession. :) Your kiddos are so cute! Love their dimples! I'm glad to see your son finally started liking baby food. I'm thinking Reagan might skip baby food all together and go to table food. She hates it!! :)