Monday, December 17, 2012

Asher's First Haircut

Asher was definitely past-due for his first haircut and since I always cut Matt's hair we decided we'd just do it at home.  I can't imagine he would do very well sitting still at this age so we figured this would just be easier!

He was a little uncertain when Matt first started. 

Poor kid, you'd think his daddy was torturing him :)

My handsome guy looks like such a big boy now! Too bad he has a big bruise on his forehead but I'm sure this will just be the first of many ;)  He is pulling up on everything now and fell hard on the corner of the coffee table.

He's such a little ham.  He starts grinning every time the camera comes out.

I couldn't help myself :)

All cleaned up and ready to go out!

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