Friday, February 8, 2013

10 Months {Asher James}

AJ –

You are 10 months old!  Even as I type this, I can’t believe it’s true.  You are so much more like a wild, energetic toddler than the sleepy baby we brought home from the hospital last spring.  You are into everything – crawling into your sister’s bed, exploring the backyard, trying to eat Cash’s dog food.  Yes, little man, I have to keep a constant eye on you because you are full of curiosity and determination.   You have a big personality and love to “talk”.  Your facial expressions are hilarious and you still love to eat my nose.  You love to clap your hands and are so close to standing independently.   You wrap your little arms around my neck so tight and try to bring my face closer to yours (usually so you can give me slobbery kisses and try to bite my nose or cheek).  You are becoming more independent and have started crawling off to other rooms – I usually find you in Avery’s room.  I think you end up there after checking to see if you can get in the bathroom.  We always keep the bathroom door closed because you are very interested in the toilet and we learned during bath time last week that you can fling your body into the tub all on your own.  Yes, you are a wild one. 

At ten months you:

Still a great sleeper.  You normally fall asleep between 7-7:30 and sleep for 12 hours. 

Naptime has gotten a little better.  You almost always take a one-hour nap at day care and will usually take two one-hour naps on the weekends (10 &2)

Eating is still a struggle.  You are still drinking 5-6 6 oz. bottles.  You also eat three jars of baby food.  I’m trying so hard to get you to eat table food but you still spit everything out.  You will suck on it for a few seconds but then it comes right back out. We’ve tried bananas, avocados, strawberries, cheese, turkey, pasta, bread.  If it isn’t pureed, you won’t eat it.

You are still constipated (I know you’ll love me for sharing this one day) and have a bottle of apple juice or prunes every day.  It usually helps but you were very uncomfortable last weekend. 

You weigh around 20 pounds and I’m not sure how tall you are but everyone says you are so long!
You wear 12-18 or 18 month clothing and size 3 diapers

Getting a good picture was a real challenge this month.  You outgrew your 12 month white onesies so I guess we're done with that look.  Oh and you wouldn't sit still for anything.  Luckily for me you love to smile so I was able to get one quick shot (with daddy's help of course).

Love you so much little man!

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