Sunday, August 18, 2013

Colorado 2013 - Estes Park

A trip to Colorado is never complete without a short stay in Estes.  It's so close and accessible with tons to do!

When I was little my grandparents used to take Stef and I to Estes all the time.  They have pictures of us going to down this giant slide and I've been waiting to take Avery since the first time we took her to Estes.  Obviously they're both still a little young but it was perfect for them to ride on our laps. I took Avery with me and she loved it.  Asher, well, he wasn't too sure about it.  Maybe next year!

After a quick walk around town we got a pizza to go and had a little picnic by the river.  It was perfect.  Absolutely perfect.  The weather was gorgeous, the pizza was delicious and the company was wonderful. 

Future cowboy? I think so.  I'm still bummed that I didn't buy this hat :(

Headed back to downtown for some post-picnic ice cream

On the way out of town we had to make one more "memory" stop... My grandparents also used to take us to feed the chipmunks and I can vividly picture a photo of me a little older than Avery sitting at this same spot feeding the chipmunks.  Love making these sweet memories with them!! And Avery was fascinated by the "chipamunks"!

Definitely time to head home.  Asher was tired and NOT at all happy that he was being restrained and not allowed to walk on the giant rocks next to the huge drop off.  Sorry kid.

Thankfully playing with Grandma can make it all better :)

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