Friday, August 9, 2013

Colorado 2013 - Family Camping

Well, I'm slowly getting back into the groove of real life. I still can't believe we got to spend 2.5 weeks in Colorado. We had so much fun, and more than anything, I loved watching Avery and Asher get loved on by so many wonderful family and friends. The weather and company wasn't too bad either.

The main reason we chose end of July for our trip was to attend the annual family camping trip. My family has been doing this since I was about 12 and I think it is so special that everyone takes the time to get together for a weekend in the summer.

Avery LOVED spending time with her great-grands. I can't blame her, they're pretty awesome :) How cute are they in their matching shirts?!?!

So much room to run!

What toddler boy wouldn't love playing in the wood pile?

Love my crew :)

Family camping wouldn't be complete without a trip to Eaton Reservoir!

Hi Grandma! We love you!

Why does my baby girl look like a kindergartener in this picture?  She is getting so big!

Two of my favorites :) LOVED getting to see them so much!

Asher was a little surprised by how cold the water was. Definitely didn't stop him though!

Oh Colorado, you sure do have the bluest skies...

Asher loved Aunt Lori!

Making homemade popcorn with Aunt Ruffy! Avery was pretty much attached to her and Brian the whole trip.  They were sure good sports and always willing to play!

Shooting trap!

We attempted a bath... It didn't go so well but definitely made for some cute pictures!

Seriously, she loves her aunt. 

CHEESE!! This little guy was a handful (constantly wanting to to up and down the wood stairs) but by the end of the weekend he was having a blast! I can't wait to take him back when he's a little older!
Best attempt at a family picture.  I'll take it :)

Aunt Sharon looks like she's ready to start her own daycare!

As always, we had so much fun and every time we get together with my dad's family it makes me want to have a big family myself.  Not sure I'm cut out for eight kids tho :)

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