Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Our little monkey is crazy about bananas!!!

After showing no interest in cereal, I thought we'd try something with a little flavor.  The pediatrician said we could start baby purees as long as we stick to the five day rule - only introduce one food every five days.  So, when Avery didn't seem to like the cereal I did some research about the best first foods to introduce.  I kept coming up with the same two recommendations bananas and avocados.  Both have great nutritional benefits and when mashed up are a very easy consistency for babies. 

I absolutely love avocados.  In my opinion they are one of the greatest foods on earth and delicious in any mexican dish, sandwich, salad or just sliced with salt.  So I was very excited to have Avery try her first avocado.  Well, she was less than enthused.  In fact she gagged on it.   So we waited a few days and switched over to bananas.  Success!! She can't get enough of them.  I literally can't get her next bite in her mouth quick enough!  I can't decide what will be next on her menu... carrots or sweet potatoes.  Any suggestions??


  1. those two are great to try next! bren loves sweet potatos. applesauce is great first as well!

  2. So fun - I can't wait to start Gage on some food! Love that little Avery!