Saturday, September 4, 2010


We went in for Avery's four month check up yesterday and the pediatrician gave us the okay to start baby cereal!! I've been really excited about this milestone, I just love the facial expressions babies make when they start trying food.  We got Avery all set in her bumbo seat, put her bib on and gave it a try. 

She started smacking her lips together and leaning towards the spoon but  her tongue still has the reflex to push out food.  Babies are supposed to begin outgrowing this around four months.  I guess because she was premature the reflex is still very strong.  We really didn't get much cereal in her mouth but it was fun trying!! 

Ok, mom, I'm ready! Let's try this. 

Hmm... not quite what I expected. 

Let me try again, maybe this isn't so bad

That's enough.. time for the bottle. 

We'll try again in a week or so, hopefully it will be more successful!


  1. AHHH I love that she is eating cereal now, how fun! Hope she likes it better next time, i am sure she will! :)

  2. Fun! Don't worry it took Brenley a while to get the hang of it. :) Love her bib!