Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Countdown

This weekend went by way too fast!!I'm feeling a little overwhelmed that Christmas and our trip to Colorado are approaching so quickly.  I'm beyond excited but, wow, I still have so much to do!! So many Christmas presents to buy, so much packing to do, I just feel very unorganized and a bit stressed.  I was hoping/planning to finish up our Christmas shopping but guess how many presents I bought... that's right... zero.  
The funny thing is, we really didn't do anything this weekend yet I feel like I was so busy!  It's tough chasing around a seven month old.  I want to spend every second possible with her after being away at work all week but hey, a mom has to get some stuff done too! 

Ok, I'm off to make dinner, here are a few pictures in yet another of my favorite Christmas outfits! I really need to have another girl around the same time of year Avery was born so that I can get more use out of her clothes!!

Yes, the tights are a bit too small, I'll admit they didn't actually have this outfit in Avery's size but I loved it so much I bought it anyway! HA!

This girl loves to stand up!! I literally have to bend her knees sometimes to get her to sit down!

Still trying to crawl.  Still going backward.  Still getting frustrated. 

 Love this little girl!!!


  1. cracking up that you bought the outfit anyways....i SOOOO would have done the same thing, sometimes she just HAS GOT TO HAVE IT!!!

  2. I LOVE that outfit!!! She is so dang cute! And di you darken your hair? Looks great :) Hugs to you and the fam!! See you in 9 days hopefully!!