Monday, February 7, 2011

Nine Months!

Sweet Avery Lynn,

I don't know what is harder for me to believe, the fact that you are already nine months old or that you will be one YEAR old in three short months.  You continue to amaze me everyday, I had no idea I could be so head-over-heals in love with you.  You are such a busy little girl and so interested in the world around you, definitely a little observer!  You crawl EVERYWHERE now! And you crawl FAST!  We've developed this little bedtime routine where I strip you down to your diaper and then you crawl away as fast as you can. You get about halfway down the hall and then turn around hoping to find me or your daddy crawling after you.  I think this is your absolute favorite game.  You squeal and laugh and shriek every night. When I catch you we put your shirt on then you crawl away again.. this process is repeated until you are fully clothed and ready for a bottle.  I absolutely love this time with you.

You now have TWO teeth and will wave on a (somewhat) consistent basis.  You've started saying dadada, mum-mum, mamama which your daddy and I love!! I know you don't understand what these words mean but when you come crawling up to me and try to pull up on my leg and say mum-mum my heart melts and you without a doubt know I will pick you up.  How can I say no to your big blue eyes and sweet grin???  Speaking of pulling up... you are standing up all the time.  And then you sit down and repeat over and over again.  It was so funny to watch you learn how to sit.  You definitely took a few spills but have mastered it to the point now where it's hard to get you to stand for more than 2-3 seconds.  You are crusing around a bit, taking 3 (at most) steps while holding on.  

Ever since May 5, 2010 my life has never been nor will it EVER be the same.  I look at you every single day and wonder why God decided to bless me with you.  I fall more in love with you everyday and thank God for trusting me to raise this sweet child... his child.  You are and will always be his first...but I am so thankful to be your mommy.

Love you to pieces sweetheart!



  1. Happy Nine months Avery!! Lindsey, this is such a sweet letter. They really do grow up so quick. I love reading all her updates. You are a wonderful mommy. :)

  2. she is just too cute! love you guys!

  3. WOW. I can't believe she's 9 months now! She is SO adorable! It's so neat to hear about how she's acting - and talking! Ok, somehow I deleted your comment from my blog - accidentally! - so I can't reply, but thank you! We'll definitely have to have play dates...well, once our kid can play! :)