Friday, March 25, 2011

More wedding pictures

Miracles DO happen (just kidding stef)!! My sister finally sent out the rest of her wedding pictures and they are just so beautiful I had to post a few more :) 

Love this one of our whole family.  Another miracle that we are all looking at the camera, smiling, eyes open!

The "honorary" flower girl.  She was so cute in this little dress.  She was infatuated with the tulle!

Love this picture of the three of us... we almost got Avery to look at the camera.

Love this one too!! Ok, I'm going to stop telling you how much I love these because I think you get the point! ha!

The wedding party

Mr. and Mrs.

Okay, now I'm super homesick and wishing we could take a trip to Colorado this weekend. 
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  1. BEAUTIFUL! The pictures, your sister, you, Avery, everyone! LOVE these!

  2. Also... I need your email address! Will you shoot me a quick email when you get a chance? I have something to invite you to! ;)

  3. Great pics! Yall are such beautiful sisters!

  4. Love these pics! Had to laugh at the first one...Matt towers over everyone! :)