Tuesday, March 22, 2011


We are on day 5 of fevers, snotty noses, rashes, etc.  I am SO ready for everyone to be healthy again!! After Avery's fever broke she broke out with a rash.  Poor little thing, it's just not fair for children to get this sick.  I called the doctor Monday morning to see what they recommended for the rash and she asked us to come in immediately.  Turns out Avery had a viral skin rash (not connected to the RSV), an ear infection and pink eye which she so kindly shared with me!!  Ugh... we are a mess!! 

Thankfully everyone seems to be on the mend, little miss is still kind of very fussy but hey, I can't really blame her.  After a quick to trip to see a general practitioner I'm on antibiotics too and can finally see out of my left eye again!! I haven't had pink eye since I was a child and it hit me hard!! I will spare you the details but the dr. told me it was one of the worst cases he has seen in awhile.  I was that lady wearing sunglasses inside on a cloudy day because I think people would have gotten up and moved away if they could have seen my eye. I know I sound like I'm being a little overly dramatic but if you saw me, you would agree. 

I'm ready for this to all just be a distant memory and for everyone to be healthy again.  I'm ready to get Avery out of the house and feel like I can go out without being gawked at.   We seem to be on the mend so God willing, I think our quarantine will be lifted tomorrow. 

This little girl seems to be a tad stir crazy (can you blame her?)...

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  1. Just discovered your blog and love it! I've been wanting to find more "mommy" blogs to follow, in hopes it will prepare me for our baby on the way in August. Your child is adorable!