Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nostalgia Part Deux

Well, I definitely have Europe on the brain.  I couldn't turn my mind off last night and laid awake in bed until early morning which made for a very long day.  I kept thinking about all of the wonderful adventures we had, the days where we were bored out of our minds, the times when I was so homesick I would have given anything to be back in the U.S.  And I thought about what I wanted to write about in this post.  I'm struggling.  I want to write about the small things that really made our experience so memorable but all I come up with are the trips, the food, the generic "of course I remember this" details.  So instead of trying to tell the stories, I think I'll try to give snapshots... little bits that will jog my memory in 15 years when I'm sitting on the couch and maybe (hopefully) Avery will be interested enough to hear about our "epic adventures" and ask me what was it like living in Europe... This is probably wishful thinking but hey, it may happen.

When I think back about life in Europe, the single thing that stands out the most is the lifestyle.  Americans really don't get it... we work so hard, spend so much time worrying about money and status instead of enjoying what is truly important.  Europeans not only understand this, they embrace it. But really, how can you not enjoy life and keep your priorities straight when you live somewhere that is so incredibly beautiful. 

Luxembourg Memories
- Crazy old man at Bacchus.
- That's a lot of grass to mow!
- Ben - "my babies"
- Dave Brittain!
- Stracciatella gelato
- Oberweis (filet american!!!)
- The Philharmonie
- Bella Napoli

It's funny how small our world really is... about a week after I got to Lux Matt found out that one of the guys he played basketball with in Colorado was also in Luxembourg.  It was nice to have another American around to talk with and Eric had played in the Netherlands previously so he understood how things worked and had friends just outside of Amsterdam that invited us to come visit for a weekend.  We packed up the Megane and headed North to Weert.  The night we left Matt and Eric's teams played each other... Matt's team was on the loosing end.  Anyway... Eric's friends the Van Moorsels offered to let us stay with them and when we arrived at three in the morning they were up waiting.  They had a nightcap (or three) ready and we sat and talked for an hour or so.  I was genuinely touched by their hospitality.  We were there during my birthday and when we came down for breakfast that morning Els had prepared an American style breakfast of eggs, bacon and pancakes.  She also put together a goodie basket of typical Dutch treats.  After our deelish breakfast we headed to Amsterdam.  Interesting place.  Wouldn't really recommend it...  We did get to see the house where Anne Frank lived during the German occupation which was really neat, Matt felt it was inappropriate to smile so he looks a little lost in the picture!

Up next, Christmas time in PARIS!

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  1. Lindsey ~ I spent six weeks in Europe while I was in college, and I can't WAIT to go back!! Love love love it. That's awesome that you lived there for two years. ; )

    You asked about the bows, and I'm sorry I'm just now getting back with you. The ones Reese wore were gifts, but I know they have them at Hobby Lobby or I'm sure any girly boutique would have them, too. There are also so many on etsy to choose from. Good luck!