Sunday, April 17, 2011

Babies, Concerts and Milestones

Yes, I know... very random title but this will be a pretty random post so it fits!

I was able to spend Friday afternoon at home with Avery because daycare was closed.  This turned out to be perfect timing because Avery decided to start walking! She took three steps last weekend but then stopped.  Friday afternoon she walked over and over again! She got up to eight steps without falling or holding on to my hand. I'm so excited for this milestone! She looks so cute toddling around :)  She is doing better each day and I am so proud of her new accomplishment!  This evening I was in the kitchen and saw her walking all by herself in the living room.  She is already getting the hang of it.  (after re-reading this paragraph I think I deleted six exclamation marks...I'm one proud mama)

Next, the baby part... no, I'm not pregnant :)  but my friend Ashley gave birth to her sweet baby girl, Emmalee on Friday!! We got together with our friends Friday after work for pizza and then headed over to the hospital.  Ash delivered at the same hospital where I had Avery, it was neat to be back in the L&D wing but I have to say I was very thankful to be there as a guest, not a patient! ha!!

Here are a few of the kiddos before we left... it is near impossible to get these little busy bodies to sit still. 

Little Emmalee Caroline and her momma!  Isn't she just beautiful???

Holding her brought back so many memories and emotions.  I feel like I would have major baby fever and be ready to start trying again if I didn't have to go through the pregnancy part... I jokingly asked Matt if we could look into getting a surrogate!  I know that each pregnancy is different and that next time we may not have any complications but still... scary stuff.

I do know there are things I will do different with the next one though.. I will hold him/her more, I will try to nurse longer, I will give cloth diapers a try (yes, you read that correctly)... among other things.  The newborn phase passes so quickly and I felt so overwhelmed with Avery, which looking back was silly because she was such a good baby!  I just want to enjoy every minute possible because they grow out of the snuggly, tiny, sleepy phase so quickly.

Here's proof... I cannot believe how big Avery looks in this picture!! How can they change so much in just a year??

Saturday we had a much needed "adults only" day.  We met a bunch of friends at Pappasito's for lunch and then headed over to Cowboy's Stadium to tailgate for the Kenny Chesney / Zac Brown Band concert.  I was a little reluctant to be away from Avery most of the day on Saturday because our weekends are so special and go by so fast but Matt convinced me it would be good for us to have a day like this and he was right.  Yes, I said it... he was right.  What an amazing concert!!

Quick family photo before heading out.

Avery and her favorite babysitter :)

The girls (most of us)

Perfect weather for tailgating!

Love him :)

Cowboys Stadium

Zac Brown Band!!


Oh, I am dreading work tomorrow.  Is it okay to be ready for the weekend if it's only Sunday night... because I definitely am!

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  1. How exciting that Avery is walking!! That is such a fun stage. She'll be running before you know it.