Sunday, April 10, 2011

Busy Bee

Just a few pictures of my busy bee.  Avery is on the brink of walking, she took two steps this morning, and is getting in everything!!  I think it's funny that when she first started crawling I was so overwhelmed and felt like she was just constantly getting into everything.  Looking back, that was nothing!! She is so much faster and can reach so much more now.  I can't imaging what it will be like six months from now when she's running through the house. 

In order to have15-20 minutes to dry my hair, put on make up and brush my teeth I let Avery play in my bathroom cabinet.  She loves looking around in there and pulling out every single Q-tip she can reach before I stop her.  It's really quite amusing.  She tears into the baskets like she knows she has a limited amount of time before momma ruins all the fun.  Cracks me up!

By the time I'm ready to go this is what my bathroom floor looks like.  Oh well, at least she's happy!

It felt like summer this weekend (which I am definitely not ready for) so Avery and I went up to DBU to watch the baseball game and enjoy the warm weather.

When Matt got home we played outside for awhile while Matt grilled bratwursts. 

Little miss wants to crawl on to everything now.  She's constantly trying to get up on the couch or the bed, thankfully she isn't tall enough but I know it won't be long.  

 Crazy girl, she loves paper.  Like shrieking, squealing, tearing it into a million pieces loves it. 

Oh, and she also loves Cash's water bowl.  We moved it outside to keep her out of it but the second the door was open I knew she was headed straight for it... she's not very sneaky. Disclaimer - fresh out of the faucet, clean water that Cash had not been slobbering in.  :)

The only time she is still is when she's eating.  Thank goodness this girl has a healthy appetite!! We had pancakes and strawberries for breakfast, dee-lish!!!

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  1. Great pictures & update! I love the picture of you & her.