Monday, July 11, 2011


Okay, I'm going to keep this short and sweet with a bullet list and a few pictures

1. Avery has found her belly button!! Cutest.thing.ever.  She lifts up her little shirt, bends over and looks for her "button."  Because she has a toddler pot-belly she does have to lean forward a bit to actually see it which makes the whole thing even cuter.  She then wants to see ours. If you know me you may know I DO NOT like to have my belly button touched.  Totally creeps me out.  For her though, I'll do anything :)

2. I've started putting her hair in pigtails!  She finds this to be complete and utter torture so I give her her toothbrush (which she loves).  If I put a little toddler toothpaste on it she will be occupied long enough to tolerate the hairdo.

3.  She has learned to make a fishy face and stick out her tongue.  The fishy face is in steep competition with belly button search for cutset.thing.ever.

 4. We are finally giving in and installing child locks on all the cabinets.  I just cannot handle the tornado affect she has on our bathroom.  It has really gotten out of hand :) Oh, and the fact that she has developed a new interest in picking up the heaviest pots and pans in the kitchen.  Yeah, it is time.


  1. I can totally related with #4!!!! Presley pulls EVERYTHING out of our drawers & cabinets. It's nuts! I can also related with #2! Presley sits on the counter and brushes her teeth while I do her hair! It gets easier, I promise! :) I bet #1 and #3 are precious! :) Don't you just love having a girl?? :)

  2. Those pictures are absolutely adorable! I love the pigtails!!!