Thursday, July 7, 2011

What gets me through the day.

Some things this momma cannot live without (in no particular order)

My life is chaotic...seriously! When you have an active toddler and a full-time day job life seems a little crazy at times. Every second I try to enjoy, breathe and not sweat the small stuff.....AND, I am lucky that I have a great husband and amazing family support!

1. Faith. (God and His love always gets me through the hard times)

2. My little girl’s smile and laugh

3. Caffeine. Everyone has a vice… I have a few. Caffeine is the one that gets my day going.

4. Blogger. To document my family and our lil’ life

5. My Singer sewing machine. Sewing helps me to unwind and is a great creative outlet for me.

6. Pinterest. I don’t think I need to rehash my pinterest love.

7. My Vacuum. I have a yellow lab and dark hardwood floors. Enough said.

8. A nice glass of wine (or two) in the PM (vice #2)

9. My husband. We are two peas in a pod.

10. My family. I don’t know what I would do without them

11. My metabolism (for the way I eat… I should be 300 pounds)

12. My parents’ cabin in Colorado. One of my two “happy places”

13. Chick-fil-a. Ugh, I eat way too much chick. See #11.

14. Iced Coffee. Hot brewed coffee in 100+ degree temperatures just doesn’t work for me.

15. A good book. Just started “The Help” and I can’t put it down!!

16. Aveda Hand Relief. Oh gosh, I love this stuff.

17. A good smelling candle to trick Matt into thinking that A. the house is clean or B. there is something yummy cooking in the oven. Neither happens very often.

18. Magic Eraser sponges. Truly are magic.

19. My (borrowed) Cricket. I love this thing. Need to get one soon!

20. Blue Bell Cookies and Cream Ice Cream (yes, this is my third vice)

21. daily inspiration.

I am blessed beyond words....not every day is easy, I complain way too much and I am trying to work on that but at the end of the day, I know I am a very loved and blessed girl.

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  1. I cannot say enough awesome-ness about "The Help," I love, love, love, LOVE it. I'm super excited to see the movie, which will be released the day AFTER I return from Haiti. I'm thinking a Ladies Movie Night should be scheduled. I'm all long as I get back from Haiti alive and in one piece - Lord willing!