Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend we were fortunate enough to spend a few days at the beach. Matt’s aunt owns a condo on Mustang Island (Port Aransas) and offered to let us all stay there for the weekend!! We left on Friday and headed south to pick up Matt’s mom. Unfortunately we got a late start leaving Dallas and our road trip turned in to a late night/early morning adventure. At about 2:00 am we arrived in Port Aransas to find we had to take a ferryboat to Mustang Island. My first thought was there is no way this ferryboat is still running at 2:00 am. After six hours of driving we are going to be stuck 10 miles from our destination. Thankfully I was wrong (and there was a bridge on the other end of the island) and we made it to the condo a little after 2:00.

Avery was great in the car; she slept most of the way and slept in Saturday morning. As soon as Matt’s brother and his family arrived we headed down to the beautiful pool and then to the beach. It was a nice relaxing day and I even got to take a nap in the afternoon!!

The kids had a blast playing on the beach. Emily and Grant spent the majority of their time on the boogie boards and Avery was very content to sit at the edge of the water and play in the sand while the waves rolled in.

After our long trip the night before we all went to bed early Saturday evening. Sunday was more of the same… pool and beach. I really didn’t get any great pictures, it was windy most of the time and Avery has mastered the skill of either turning away from the camera or pouting.

I love her reflection in this picture!

Sunday night Matt’s mom graciously offered to keep the kids so the four of us adults could have a kid-free dinner. Turns our Port Aransas is not known for their restaurants – most of the reviews were mediocre at best. We found a great place though, Moby Dicks. It was a cute beachy restaurant with good food.

Monday morning while everyone else was packing Laura and I took the kids down to the beach one last time. Emily and Grant had to release the hermit crabs they caught and we were hoping to get a cute picture of all the kids. 

Avery wasn’t in the mood to cooperate but we managed to get a few cute shots.

The drive back was long, between holiday traffic and a two unexpected diaper blow-out stops we made it back to Dallas in eight hours :(. Kind of a long trip for a weekend getaway but well worth it, we had a great time!

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