Monday, March 26, 2012

Fun Times!

 I've learned a few tricks to make working from home and entertaining Avery a little easier.  Bath time is a great way to keep her busy while I work.  I can bring my laptop into the bathroom while she plays.

Life is good!

We spent Saturday afternoon at Festival on the Green in Arlington with the Brimberrys.

Avery and Harper... messy but having a blast!

Diva in her sunglasses

 Practicing her big sister skills.

Date night in Fort Worth with my guy :)  Yucatan Taco Stand for dinner, people watching and gelato in downtown. 

Nine months preggo + gelato = happiness 

Such a great weekend! I feel like I'm ready for Baby A to be born at anytime now! We have the house ready, my bag is (almost) packed, we had a wonderful and busy weekend outside and even squeezed in one last date night for awhile.

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