Monday, April 2, 2012


WARNING: Picture overload!!

Now that the weather is so nice Avery wants to be outside all the time.  In the afternoons she runs up to the front windows and watches for Daddy.  

She loves it when he gets home because he's always up for playing outside.

She still loves her little car... especially when daddy is pushing her

 We went to our first DBU baseball game of the season, she had fun playing with friends and getting into everything!
Saturday morning we went to the Grimes' house for an Easter egg hunt! This is the second year they've hosted and it is so much fun!

Avery, Kennedy and Tatum having fun playing together.

Some of the kiddos enjoying a picnic lunch before the hunt :)

All the kids with their baskets

Failed attempt at a mother daughter picture.  She was too worried about her eggs to sit with me.

Sweet friends
Hanging at home... such a daddy's girl

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  1. love all the pictures! Can't wait to see you in a month!!!!