Sunday, June 10, 2012

Little Rammies - Comparison Pictures

I was looking at old pictures of Avery this week and decided I needed to do a few comparison pictures! I've never really thought they looked alike but looking at these pictures they look more similar than I thought.

 Avery is about one month older in her picture but but if I'd waited another month there is no way Asher would have fit in the onesie.  He is so much taller than she was! Hard to believe considering how tall she is now! 
This is one thing that would be fun about having two boys or two girls. I think it would be fun to see pictures of them in the same outfit at the same age but sadly this will be my only chance... I don't think Asher would appreciate wearing Avery's dresses. :) 

I'm guessing that by next month Asher's face will have filled out and he'll have the same chubby cheeks Avery has.  I still can't believe she was ever so small.


  1. Oh my goodness, I remember her so tiny, she was so sweet! Need to see y'all soon!!

  2. How fun that he is birthday buddies with Reagan. :) I see similarities but I don't think they look too much alike. Maybe it's like you said and when his cheeks fill out they might look more similar. Too cute!