Friday, July 6, 2012

Independence Day and other Randoms

Super long catch up post. 

Last weekend Avery and Asher had their first sleepover!  They stayed the night with a lady Matt worked with at DBU, she has watched Avery before and I know they both had fun :).  Matt and I spent the night in Frisco with friends celebrating Will's 30th birthday.

Our hotel room, getting ready to go out.

Hanging with the Brimberrys.

 My little cutie pies ready to go to a birthday party!

Avery is such a little momma!! She loves mimicking everything I do with Asher with baby Emma but the other night her baby wasn't good enough... she wanted to be Asher's mommy :)  She insisted on pushing him in her baby stroller.   Oh the life of a boy with a big sister!

She needed a turn too

Feeding baby Emma.  She had to have a bib and her own milk. 

I've searched everywhere for a hat for Asher.  Apparently Target and I have different ideas on the definition of "infant".  I'd say their infant hat is just a tad bit too big.  He still looks cute though. 

We hung out at home on the 4th.  It was so weird having a day off in the middle of the week and I didn't want to take Asher out for the fireworks so Matt and Jason decided to finally build the gate between our yards that we've been talking about for almost a year!

Working hard :)

Once the guys finished up we got everything set up for a BBQ.  Four swimming pools, one water slide, about 10 kids and lots of food.  

This picture cracks me up.  Poor Payton, she doesn't look very happy 

The gate!! I'm so thankful to have such wonderful neighbors.  I love that our girls can now go back and forth between our houses and we don't have to worry about them!

Sweet friends :)

The two year old club.  Averie, Avery and Harper.  BFFs

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