Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Merry Christmas {2012}

This might be the longest post in the history of blogging.  Seriously.

A few highlights of our wonderful Christmas in Colorado.

1. Asher got pinkeye the day we left... thankfully the Dr. squeezed us in and we were able to start antibiotics. 

2. Asher was AWESOME in the car.  I was shocked.  I had been dreading the drive for months and he surprised us all. 

3. We arrived at 4:30 AM tired but excited to be home.

4. Avery loved being in Colorado and had a blast at Bama and Bampas house

5. We took the kids to the park where Stef and I played when we were little.  Sweet memories :) 

 6. She had him wrapped around her little finger from the moment we arrived

7. Had a blast playing at mommy's park

 8. This little guy was sick the whole week but managed to have fun anyway

9. These two played. A lot.

10. Did I mention he was sick???

11. Avery played with Grandma's fur dress up stuff from when she was a little girl!!

 12. She thinks it's fun to pose like she's a teenager.

13. Finally got this guy to stop crying and almost got a good picture

 14. Failed attempt(s) at a sibling Christmas picture

15. Our little family 

16. Aunt Cindy let Avery eat the entire (almost) shrimp platter Christmas eve :) 

17. Love these lovebirds 

18. Family time!

19. Setting out cookies and milk for Santa didn't quite go as planned....

Avery thought the cookies were for her...

And pitched a royal fit when I told her she couldn't eat them.

She might be scarred for life. 

20. Thankfully she woke up in a good mood Christmas morning... minus her black eye

21. We had a white Christmas! 

22. I'm from one of the most beautiful places on Earth. 

23. Christmas really is more joyful when experienced through the eyes of children

 24. Stef got a new house and a sewing machine! Merry Christmas!

 25. We have some handsome men in our fam :)

26. Asher worked on developing his nurturing side

27. The kids loved the rocking horse my uncle carved for me when I was little 

 28. We got to play in the snow!

29. The guys went goose hunting and didn't come home empty handed! 

30.  I am beyond blessed and have the most wonderful family I could ever hope for!

Merry Christmas!


  1. Oh Linds, I love all of these pictures!!!

  2. These photos (and the captions) are awesome! I'm so glad you were able to get home and enjoy your family over Christmas :)

  3. I love the one of Asher on the present and Avery upset when she doesn't get the cookies. TOO CUTE! Christmas with the kids is the best! Too many more :)