Monday, March 11, 2013

Today Was The Day

Today was the day I've been waiting for for three years. 
The day I, at times, thought would never come.
The day I started my new "job". 

The day I cleaned up a blowout diaper, asked Avery if she was listening about 100 times, made chocolate chip cookies, went for a walk, and thanked God for this amazing gift. 

No, it wasn't perfect but it is a million times more rewarding than any job I've had before.  I know we'll have our ups and downs, our good days and our bad.  But I will take a bad day at home over the best day away anytime.

Asher took a couple steps today.  Avery told me I was her best friend.  We painted, read books and made memories.  For that, I am truly thankful. For all the little moments that make a childhood.  For the teachable moments and the ones that just make you laugh (or cringe). 

Daddy was able to have lunch with us and read to Avery before nap time!

Avery and I made chocolate cookies.  I am terrible at baking but these are amazing! A friend of mine sent me her recipe and they are the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever made.  

Two of Asher's favorite toys.. his basketball and his walker


Yes, it was a great day.  Not a perfect day, but I couldn't imagine anything better :)

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