Monday, March 25, 2013


These two munchkins spend the majority of their time together fighting over toys but on a rare occasion they play happily and have the best time...  Those rare moments make my heart burst, and I just want to bottle them up and never forget how sweet they are.

They both love Avery's castle and we spend time playing in it almost every day.  It is where we hide from the monsters :)  And yes, I do mean we... Avery insists that I join them so that the big monsters don't get me...

She had a bowl of popcorn and after Asher successfully stole a few pieces she wised up and hid the bowl outside the window.  Smart girl protects her food like her life depends on it :)  (she definitely has Nelson blood running through her)

They also LOVE this wagon.  It's supposed to be a baby wagon for Avery to pull her dolls in but they love taking turns pushing each other in it.

 Obviously Asher isn't the best "pusher" and Avery finds her rides rather boring. Ha!

She's always happy to pull him around the yard though :) 

And the award for the most fought-over toy goes to... Avery's car.  She still loves playing in it and Asher is currently obsessed with it.  He climbs in and out over and over again. 

And of course they always include sweet Cash.  He is more than happy (usually) to play along, as long as someone is petting him.  

Obviously a Labrador isn't warm enough in his fur coat and needs to stay warm under the blanket. 

Yep, I'm cherishing these sweet moments :)

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