Friday, March 1, 2013

20 Things You May (or may not) Want to Know About Me

Well, it’s official.  I have zero motivation at work.  I’m glad I gave three weeks’ notice because my department is so busy right now and hopefully that will allow them to find someone before I leave.  On the other hand, three weeks is a long time when you know you’re done.  So, in order to keep myself busy and try to make the hours pass quickly I’m jumping on the “things you don’t know about me” blog post bandwagon.  I thought it would be fun to come up with some silly (and some strange) things most people don’t know about me.  

  1. I like to eat marshmallows straight out of the bag.  Many, many marshmallows.  I have a problem. 
  2. Samoa’s are my favorite Girl Scout cookie.  Every year I think about buying a case (12 boxes) to last the whole year but I’m afraid I would eat them all in a month.
  3. I hate folding and putting away laundry.  I often have an equal number of clean and dirty piles of laundry. 
  4. I don’t usually like to cuddle.  Lucky hubby gets his side of the bed all to himself 95% of the time
  5. I love wine.  Probably a little too much.  But if you know me at all, you already know this J
  6. I lived in Europe for two years – one in Luxembourg and one in France – while my hubby played basketball.
  7. I have teeny tiny fingernails that look like they should belong to a 10-year-old, not a grown woman. On a related note, I absolutely hate nail files and will not use them.  Ever.
  8. I don’t really like the water and I’m a terrible swimmer. I’d much rather be lying next to the pool than splashing around in it.
  9. I’m fashion challenged. I’m not very good at pulling off the latest trend so I usually stick to the basics.
  10. If I run more than a mile my face turns so red you’d think I was about to die. Matt says it’s my South Dakota heritage… whatever that means.
  11. I love black jellybeans but hate black licorice.
  12. Being from Boulder, my inner hippie loves all things cloth diaper, compost pile, organic, etc.
  13. I’ve never been very good about making really close girlfriends.  I’m not good at opening up and letting people in.  I have many sweet friends but very few who really know me well.  I wish I wasn’t like this.
  14. I would love to have a foodie blog. 
  15. I have pasty white legs that never get tan no matter how hard I try
  16. I can’t dance.  At all.  Getting out on a dance for in front of a big crowd is pretty much my worst nightmare
  17. I love country music. The radio in my car is set to country 9 times out of 10.  I can’t get enough!
  18. I hate scary movies. I don’t get the appeal.  Taking me to see a scary movie would be a complete waste of money because I will close my eyes if the music even hints of something bad.
  19. I find vacuuming therapeutic. It’s probably my favorite household chore
  20. I’m a salsa / salad dressing snob.  Unless they are homemade, I don’t eat them. 
So, there you have it.  I'm a little strange and quirky but really, who isn't?

I stole this idea from Lyndsey and Little Miss Momma... they are much funnier than I am, if you are a blog stalker like me, you might want to read their lists!! :)

TGIF!!! (one more week!)

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