Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One Year Old


You are the cutest, silliest, craziest, sweetest little one-year-old boy I know.  And I love everything about you.  I love your adventurous spirit, your curiosity, your cuddles and kisses, your laugh, your facial expressions.  I love it all.  You've changed so much in the past month and seem so much happier now.

At 12 months you:

Are walking! You took your first steps two days before your birthday.  Walking greatly slows you down so it still isn't your preferred method of getting around but as of today (three weeks after your birthday) you can walk across the living room and are starting to get faster but still prefer to crawl

Are starting to talk! You've said momma and dada for a while but now you also say bottle (baba) ball (ba), puppy (pup) and are always trying to say new words. 

You are finally eating.  A lot. It took you a long time to figure out solid foods but once you did (a little after you turned 11 months) there was no looking back.  I think this is the source of why you are happier. You love spaghetti and PB&J sandwiches. You also like strawberries and avacados.

You drink 4-5 bottles a day (you absolutely love your baba) Usually 2-3 bottles of soy milk and 2 bottles of juice (to help with constipation)

You love to clap your hands and will wave and blow kisses if you're in the mood

Sleep is still tough for you... you don't want to miss a thing and cry every.single.time I put you down for a nap or bed.  You usually go to bed around 7:30 and wake up about 12 hours later.  You take one nap (usually for an hour) around 1:00

You wear 18 or 18-24 month clothing and size 4 diapers. 

You still have six teeth (two on bottom, four on top)

You love balls and cars and playing in the water

You are LOUD! Everything you do is loud and you always make us laugh with your crazy expressions and sounds

You are very curious and getting to be a great climber (scary for me).  I have a feeling you will keep me on my toes this next year!

You love to play outside and get so upset when I close the door and don't let you go out back.

Weigh 22 lbs (50th percentile)
Height 35.50 in. (99th percentile)

I've loved watching you grow and change during the past year and I'm so excited to see what the next year holds.  I love this age so much and am so thankful I get to spend every day with you.

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