Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend

We had a very relaxed, low-key Easter weekend but it was extra special because some of our favorite people came to visit!

Avery and Kai had a BLAST playing together.  They are getting so big and would sit in her castle having their own little conversations, it was just the cutest thing ever.

They both loved dyeing eggs!

Friday was Cash's fourth birthday so we had a little party for him.  He is so loved and so sweet with the kids and their friends.  We love our puppy so much, he is definitely a member of the family.

They sang him happy birthday and blew out his candles

Enjoying a puppy cookie :)

Asher has a huge sweet tooth and after I gave him a bite of the cupcakes he was determined to get more.

Meanwhile these two where having way too much fun :)

I found these pictures when I uploaded my photos... I guess Asher and Matt were having fun while we were playing out back :)

Cuties all ready for their Easter egg hunt!

Two of my favorite ladies :)

So thankful for our wonderful friends! Can't wait till the next time we get to see them~

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