Thursday, June 20, 2013

Life Lately

We've been the perfect kind of busy lately... Busy enough to keep the kids entertained and make the days go by quickly but not to busy to feel overwhelmed or exhausted.  Just how I like it! 

Typically, the kids wake up between 7(Avery) and 8(Asher) and we have a relaxing morning eating breakfast, playing, or going for a walk. I love having something fun planned from 10-12ish because it's just the perfect time for us to get out.  We don't feel rushed to get out the door and then we're home for lunch and nap time.  By the time the kids (usually just Asher) wake up, it's 3:00ish and it's time to start thinking about dinner or filling up the pool to play outside for a bit.  It's really amazing how fast the days pass and how busy we always seem to be!!

Here is a quick long recap of some of our recent fun:

Asher loves to do somersaults.  The only problem... he can't do them alone.  So he positions himself like this and yells for me until I come flip him over.  We do this at least a dozen times a day. 

He also loves the water and is a quick climber.  Can't turn my back for a second!

Avery is still refusing to nap (unless I lay down with her and stay in her bed until she falls asleep).  She always manages to keep herself entertained during quiet time though.  She "cleaned" her room with baby powder recently... such a good helper!!

This little guy has learned to through EPIC tantrums.  I can't help but laugh (and take pictures).  I'm so thankful Avery wasn't like this... I probably would have cried. A lot.  But thankfully I'm a little more laid back now... 

He also loves being outside. And naked.
 This kid is TROUBLE!

We love popsicle time while brother sleeps!!

Matt and I try to make the most of nap time during the weekends!

She still loves to play momma.  And is quite good at it :) 

 Someone learned to say "cheese!"

Avery loves puzzles and worked so hard to do this one all by herself! She was so proud!



Avery had a wonderful time at VBS two weeks ago! I'm so glad she went! I helped out a few days and it was fun to watch her learning about Jesus and playing with her sweet friends!

Enjoying a little frozen yogurt after the last day of VBS!

 Date night pic with my favorite guy :)

Nothing says Texas like a private concert out in the country.  It was awesome!!

 Love this lady!

Happy Father's Day to the best daddy!! Our children are so blessed to have a father who is always willing to get down on the floor and play with them.  Who would do anything for them.  Who always makes time to do special things with them.  We love you!!

Oh, these sweet friends.  I hope Avery is always lucky enough to be blessed with great friendships. 
 Play date with the Erwins!

Scary to see this little girl driving! She will be 16 before I know it!

We eat a lot of popsicles! 

I found these two hiding in my shower while I was cooking dinner.  I love how Asher is looking at her... he sure loves his big sis!! I'm sure they will get into a lot of trouble together in the next few years!

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