Monday, July 15, 2013

15 Months! {Asher James}

Asher Bug!

You are getting so big, little man!!  You love to talk and never sit still.  You are so full of personality and energy! You make me laugh every day and always keep me on my toes.  You are also the sweetest little guy and give the best hugs and cuddles.

You are finally beginning to play independently and still love balls and cars.  You love imitating animal sounds (especially "roar").  You also LOVE babies.  You have your own baby that you carry around and push in the stroller, just like sister :).  You hug it and kiss it and it melts my heart.  I hope you grow up to be a manly man with a big soft side (just like your daddy).

Your favorite thing is the water.  You've had a blast this summer, whether we're playing with the hose in the backyard, running through the sprinklers at the splash park or swimming in the big pool, you can't get enough of the water.

Recently, you've started to enjoy playing with Avery.  You want to wrestle and rough house with her! You've also recently become interested in books.  You love looking at the pictures and having me label everything for you but don't want to be read to.

You say so many words, I'm not sure if I can get them all down...

Dada (favorite right now)
baba (bottle)
Ba! (ball)
tant-tu (thank you)
ga-gon (all gone)
did it!
Cheee!! (cheese
Ary (Avery)
Pee-boo (peek-a-boo)

We had your 15 month well check up this morning and you're still growing like a weed and flirting with the nurses :)

You are off the charts for height (34 inches) and weigh 24 lbs (75th%).

You are the biggest ham and love to have you picture taken.  Every time I pull out the camera you make the silliest expressions.  I still can't get over how animated you are!

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