Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A day (or three) in the Life

Life with two toddlers.  Never a dull moment.  My hands are full and someone always needs me.  It's exhausting. But I never want to forget the normal, every day moments.  The ones that seem insignificant and routine. The ones that make me cringe. And laugh. And remind myself to take a deep breath.  And the ones that make me so incredibly proud to be their mommy.

Avery loves craft time.  If I ask her to do a project the answer is always yes.  Asher's still figuring out paints and markers and glitter and such.  He's more interested in making a mess tha  n making a masterpiece.  Which is why we paint sans-shirts.

Bath time is always entertaining. If I even mention the word bath Asher goes running.  He's still a water-lover which should make this summer really fun!

Meet Miss.Silly Face.  Her current favorite is crossing her eyes.  She's constantly asking me "what about this one? Do you like this face?"

I'm pretty sure this picture will end up on a graduation/marriage slideshow one day... If Avery's doing it, Asher wants in.  This includes princess dresses, baby dolls, aprons, etc. 

I'm registering this girl for Pre-K next week.  How did she get so big??  She dressed herself in this outfit.  She's currently obsessed with cowboy boots and even though this particular pair is 3 sizes too big she's crazy about them and always wants to wear them.

We're getting little glimpses of spring and loving the time outside! It's been a long cold winter for North Texas!

Happy 1st birthday, Eli!! You are such a big guy, I constantly have to remind myself you're  still just a pup. 

We finally have a playroom!! I love having all the clutter toys out of the living room and in their own space.  Honestly, they don't play in there as often as I'd like but when they do it's awesome!

It's a space that I don't mind being messy.  It's there for playing and building imaginations and just being kids.

They were pretending to be puppies at this point and were building a fence to keep themselves from escaping!

I love how this room turned out, it's probably my favorite room in the whole house right now. And so very messy!

Meet my baby-wearing, ballerina-twirling, hair-braided little girl.  She's pretty awesome :)

And of course... if Avery's wearing her baby in a carrier, Asher has to try too!

Her favorite game to play is puppy or puppy owner.  She was having quiet time in her room and tied all her puppies up to the kitchen with their own lease.  She was beyond proud of herself!

Popcorn picnic on a rainy afternoon. 

These are the best days!!

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