Wednesday, April 21, 2010

39 days to go!! maybe....

It's hard to believe that I'm well in to my 34th week of pregnancy, but it's also hard to believe I still have almost 40 days until my expected due date!! I am so ready to meet Avery Lynn! Hospital bags are packed, everything is set up and ready for her when she finally arrives! Some days I think wow, I can't imagine being pregnant for 6 more weeks and others I wake up terrified that she will be born next week and that we aren't ready. Gotta love pregnancy hormones!!!

I am still on the muscle relaxant, terbutaline, which has kept the contractions at bay for eight weeks now. I had my OB checkup last Friday and my doctor said she wants to take me off at the end of this week.. as in tomorrow or Friday!! She feels that going forward the risks of keeping me on the medicine outweigh the benefits. So I'm just waiting for the home nurse to come out and take my supplies away. I hope they are busy and have to wait until Monday :)

I have a love/hate relationship with my"terb pump". On one hand, I know it has kept our little girl safe inside me and given us a greater chance of making it full-term. On the other hand, I am so sick of toting this little machine around and monitoring my contractions every day. Ultimately, I know that God is in control and the only thing that matters is that our precious baby girl is healthy.


  1. Love this post! I can't wait until she is here, i mean i can wait another 6 weeks, but she is just going to be so darn cute! You have done such a great job, keep it up girl! :)

  2. i know you are ready girl. Bren and I are ready to meet Avery also. I pray they wait until Monday too. :)

  3. First of all - how did I not know you had a blog. Second - thank you for your sweet comment and prayers. Third - I'm praying for you this week and know that God has His hand on you, Matt and baby Avery. I can't wait to meet her.