Monday, April 12, 2010

A Perfect Weekend

I am truly blessed. This past weekend was so amazing; I feel so fortunate to have such an wonderful support group of friends and family.

Last Thursday, two of my co-workers, Lynda and Terri, brought over Avery's gifts from TranSystems. Because of the bed rest situation, we had to cancel my work shower. I really miss seeing many of my co-workers everyday. It was so wonderful to see them and spend some time catching up.

Later that evening, Matt and I headed to the airport to pick up Stefanie and then went back to get my mom the next morning. It was wonderful to have them here and I'm so thankful that we were able to coordinate their trip with my DBU shower since we had to cancel the Colorado shower. The three of us had a great time getting our nails done, eating way too much, enjoying the beautiful weather and getting ready for Avery's arrival! They were so helpful, I don't know how many loads of laundry they did or how many times they ran to the store to pick up various items I've needed the past few weeks but I appreciate everything they did so much!!

Since moving to Dallas almost two years ago, I have made some great friends and Saturday morning they threw me a wonderful baby shower. I couldn't have asked for anything more!! It was so nice to see everyone and have them meet my mom and sister. Everything was just perfect, I am so thankful Matt got a job at DBU (wow, two years ago I never thought I'd say that), I've made so many wonderful friends.

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