Sunday, February 12, 2012

30 Weeks!

How Far Along: 30 weeks
Size of baby:   Your baby's about 15.7 inches long now, and weighs 3 pounds
Gender: IT'S A BOY!! We finally agreed on a name... and that we want to keep it a secret! Okay, we've told a few people but are trying to keep it a surprise for the most part!
Maternity Clothes: See week 26. I despise maternity clothes
Movement: Ugh, I feel like he's already running out of room! It is so crazy to watch my belly move! He's really active in the evenings and last night he had a limb jammed up in my rib cage.
Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well. It's getting a little difficult to get comfortable but usually an extra body pillow helps.
Weight Gain: 22 pounds
Symptoms: My ankles are getting more swollen each week.  Sitting at a computer 9 hours a day is tough but I'm trying to get up and walk in the afternoons. My lower back has really started hurting this past week.  I think he is carrying much lower than Avery and it is just putting a lot of pressure on my back.  After my short stint in the hospital I'm doing better now, the contractions have mostly stopped.  I'm still feeling optimistic that if I can stay healthy we can make it to at least 36 weeks with no more issues. 
Cravings: Sweets
Best moment this week: This really hasn't been the best week.  I am thankful that my doctor didn't put me on bed rest and that our little guy is getting bigger and stronger each week.  When I had my sonogram the doctor said he is already measuring one week ahead.  I sure hope I don't have a 10 lb baby!

I hardly took any pictures when I was pregnant with Avery (I blame it on an uncooperative husband) but here I am at 30 weeks with her.  I definitely think I look bigger now than I did at this point last time. maybe it's just the shirt... 


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  1. My comparison pics seems to be bigger in the 2nd one too...glad everything is going well and no more contractions...10 weeks to go for both of us!!!!!!!