Thursday, February 16, 2012


Matt made a certain little girl's day by bringing home a balloon last weekend. Out of the blue she developed a love for balloons.  I have no idea what brought this out but about a month ago she started noticing balloons. everywhere. 

When we're driving by a car dealership and they have balloons tied to the cars she almost looses it.  She hysterically starts saying boon, boon, until they are out of sight.

She can spot the smallest little balloon on a page of her books and we must look at that page about 10 times.

We must completely avoid the floral section at the grocery store unless I want to experience a breakdown.

So when Matt brought home this balloon she was beyond excited. 

Oh, and her new thing is to say "cheese" when she sees a camera (or my phone) so I'm been getting a ton of sweet, cheesy smiles.

Oh how I love this little princess ;)

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