Monday, February 27, 2012

Big Girl Stuff

I haven’t done a very good job of keeping up with Avery’s new milestones and accomplishments lately so this will be a kind of random post but I don’t keep a baby book for her anymore (I try to record all the big stuff on my blog) so I really need to get my act together! This past weekend she accomplished a huge milestone.  She’s been using the potty!! My MIL was watching her on Friday and when I got home from work they had a big “surprise” to show me.  Avery had used her potty twice during the day!! I was so excited (and a bit shocked), we had a big party and celebrated! We tried again Saturday morning and she did really well.  She likes sitting on her potty and reading books, playing with her computer, playing with her bath toys, etc.  If I can keep her sitting long enough she usually is successful! It’s so fun to celebrate and encourage her, she just loves it!! Sunday was positive too! She still had wet diapers but we had two successful potty trips. I am so proud of her, I wish I could stay home so we could really work on it because I know she won’t get the time and attention at daycare needed to really make an impact but we’ll keep trying! I bought pull-ups for her and she refuses to let me put them on.  She went from being the happiest little girl to almost having a breakdown because I tried to put on the special diaper! Silly girl. 

Avery is also talking so much now!! She is learning so many new words it just amazes me, my favorite is “love you”. Every night when I put her to bed she tells me night, night. Bye, bye. Love you. If I don’t turn off the light after that she repeatedly says bye bye.  This little girl loves her crib. I feel like I can’t get her lifted in fast enough some nights. She sleeps with two babies, moo-cow and lambie.  We have to check 2-3 times at bedtime to make sure everyone is accounted for :)

She loves to dress herself. She’s really good with her socks and some of her shoes and has been working on pants.  It can be frustrating when we’re in a hurry and she wants to do it all herself but it is so cute watching her work so hard at getting her pants on because when she succeeds she is just glowing with pride. She tells me over and over, I did it!!

She finally got up the courage to climb up on our barstools. Seeing her sitting up there makes me very nervous but I love it when I’m making dinner.  She just sits and watches while I cook.  Some nights she will color or “help” stir.  She looks so grown up sitting there, I find myself picturing her 5 or 10 years from now sitting there while we talk about her day, school, and weekend plans. It’s very bittersweet. 

Random pictures from the past month.
 Brushing my hair

Kennedy, her sweet mama and Avery

Helping daddy put the baby's crib together

So excited after using the potty!!

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