Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One Month

monthly onesie sticker from watch me grow
At one month you:
-Weigh 9lbs 5oz and are 23.5 inches long
-Wear 0-3 or 3 month clothes
-Wear a size 1 diaper
-Eat every three hours (sometimes every two). You are taking a bottle exclusively now because nursing wasn't working for us.  In fact, we had to take you to the hospital because your doctor was so worried that you hadn't gained any weight in two weeks.  After that I started pumping and giving you bottles.
-You sleep pretty well at night and stay on the three hour schedule.  You are usually up around 2 or 3 and again at 5 or 6. 
- You are such a loud baby! You grunt all the time, especially when you are waking up.  You also have a very strong pair or lungs. 
- You love staring at me (or daddy) when you are having your bottle
- Your big sister loves you so much! She loves giving you blankets and pacis and helping burp you!
- You still sleep a lot during the day but are starting to stay awake longer
- You love your paci
- You love sleeping on your side
- You give us lots of cute smiles while you're sleeping.  Love the dimples!

You are such a mellow and easy-going baby! From the moment the nurse set you in my arms you stole my heart.  You have completed our family and I am so incredibly thankful to be your mommy.

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