Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday

To my baby girl on her second birthday,

I can't believe how much you've changed in 12 short months.  You amaze me each and every day. Your daddy and I are over the moon for you. We couldn't ask for a more perfect daughter and have loved watching you grow from a baby who toddled around and could hardly communicate to a full-blown toddler who is running around the house and knows more words than I could possibly count.  Your sweet personality melts my heart.  You are still my kind and quiet child (most of the time!) and I love your laid back attitude but you've definitely found your confidence and have your stubborn moments.  You are a wonderful big sister and take good care of your little brother.  He is so lucky to have you! 

Sweet girl, you are such a blessing to all of your family and friends and we are so incredibly thankful for you! 

Oh how you've changed during the past year. 

On your first birthday, devouring your first cupcake

In June, enjoying the warm weather and time spent playing outside

In July we went to Colorado! You had so much fun playing with family and friends, exploring the mountains and visiting the zoo.

August was your first trip to the beach! You loved the sand and had fun playing with your cousins

 In September we announced that you were going to be a big sister! 

October you dressed up as Pocohantas and went trick-or-treating for the first time.  When you discovered you were getting candy you were so excited to visit each house and grabbed as much candy as you could!

November your vocabulary exploded and you started talking so much!

You made Christmas the best one yet for your daddy and me.  You loved opening presents and had so much fun playing with your new toys.

January we went back to Colorado and you went sledding for the first time! 

February you used the potty for the first time!

In March you and I got to spend so much time together because I started working part-time.  I will always cherish the time we had at home, just you and me.

In April you became a big sister! You are so sweet and caring, Asher is so lucky to have you as his big sis!

On your second birthday.

Happy birthday baby girl, you are so incredibly loved!!

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