Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Every day I thank God I get to spend my days with these two little blessings. I'm so thankful He entrusted me with my sweet girl and little man (and their handsome daddy).  We spent mother's day relaxing at home and enjoying being a family of four.

Avery and I took a girl's trip to Home Depot and bought a few flowers to plant in my hanging baskets
She looks SO grown up in this picture.  Where did my baby girl go?

She had a blast splashing in the water and making mud pies out of the dirt from our flowers

She also discovered how to use the hose :)

How cute is he!?!?

I love this little face and pouty lips so much. 

Their daddy is pretty great, too.  He won't be happy that I posted a picture of him wearing my apron but that's okay... he can always make me laugh and him in my apron definitely does the trick.

He's not a bad cook either.  Filet mignon, fried shrimp and roasted asparagus. Perfection.

I'm not sure how I got so lucky but I couldn't ask for a more amazing family.  My heart is so full, these three made my day absolutely perfect.

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