Tuesday, September 4, 2012

5 Months!

This past month has been full of changes and I feel like we’re finally turning a corner.  I’m very hesitant to put this in writing because the last time I did you made me eat my words but you are sleeping through the night (again)!  We are so thankful for this and hopefully it will become a habit now.  We’ve also been trying to work out some tummy issues this month that I think are the cause of much of your unhappiness. We switched to a low-lactate formula and you get a bottle of apple juice every day to help with constipation. It is helping but I’m not sure we’ve completely solved the tummy issues. You LOVE to talk and squeal and shriek and are giggling more and more.  AJ, I think you’re going to have big personality and it’s so fun to watch all of your facial expressions.  You make us laugh all the time.  You still love to watch your sister; she can always make you smile.  You are a drool machine and want to put everything you touch in your mouth – including your arm, fist, all toys, my hair, my hands, etc.  I’m starting to wonder if you’re teething. 

You are wearing 9 month or 6-12 month (depending on the brand) clothes
You are still wearing a size 2 diaper at daycare and we’re doing cloth diapers at home
You’ve tried rice cereal, applesauce and sweet potatoes.  You tolerated the sweet potatoes but wanted nothing to do with the cereal and applesauce. 
You usually go to bed at 8:00 and sleep until 7:00
You take four naps during the day ranging from 30 minutes to two hours.
You drink 5-6 5 oz. bottles
You roll over all the time – both tummy to back and back to tummy
You still don’t like the car seat and spend most of your time in the car crying
We really like your new “teacher” at daycare, Miss Amy.  She is so sweet and you flirt with her all the time
You like the exersaucer but tend to get bored if no one is paying attention to you.

Asher bug, we love you so much and you are at such a fun stage right now! You love interacting with us and we love entertaining you!  You are so curious and love to be the center of attention! I feel like you’ve changed so much during the past month and I can’t believe how quickly you’re growing up.  I love cuddling with you but it’s so fun to watch you play with Avery now and I can’t wait to see you two playing together in the coming months. 

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