Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Outward Appearances and Encouragement

This morning I was sitting at our staff meeting feeling grumpy and having a pity-party for myself.  The first day back to work after a long weekend (or any weekend for that matter) is especially hard for me.  It’s hard for me to shift gears and get back in touch with “work me”.  Asher has pink-eye in both eyes and I was daydreaming, wishing I could be home caring for him instead of sitting in a cold, sterile conference room.  I stoically went through my weekly “to-do” list when my turn came up.  I tried to sound peppy and happy but made sure to keep my spiel short and to-the-point.  When I got back to my desk this little note popped up in my inbox. 

Wow.  Really!?!? Me, inspire someone?  I sat in disbelief for a minute or two trying to understand.  Trying to keep my tears at bay, I wrote her back and thanked her and explained how I was having a hard morning; wishing I was at home taking care of my baby.  But it got me thinking how you just never know what kind of day a person is having and how important a quick note of encouragement can be.  A few simple words can change someone’s day.  It’s easy to get caught up in our own story, and forget to look around and be there for someone else.  The funny thing is she’s the one that inspires me.  She’s the one who is positive and selfless and caring.  The one who I often think “I wish I could be more like that”.  So, I’m going to try!!  Try to get out of my “funk” and stop feeling sorry for myself and open my eyes to how I can impact someone’s day in the same way she’s changed mine.  

I’m so thankful for small acts of kindness and God's grace.  


  1. Thanks for this much needed and important reminder, so glad you're at HZ sweet friend! XOXO....yes I'm totally creeping on your blog he he he :)

    1. I'm so lucky to have such sweet coworkers :) And thankful for an especially cheerful and funny lady that sits beside me!!